A new era beckons at Great Zimbabwe University


Following four days of intense discussions, planning, and hard-work,  a team comprising members of Great Zimbabwe University Management and key stakeholders produced a draft five-year transformational strategic plan for the institution.

The draft five-year transformational strategic plan was  chiselled  out at a Strategic Planning Workshop which was held  in Victoria Falls from 3-7 February 2018. The workshop was a follow up to an internal stakeholder analysis workshop held with members of the University Senate on 24, 25 and 28 January 2019  to review the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan and input into the new five-year Transformational Strategic Plan (2019-2023).

The draft five-year transformational strategic plan will be shared with stakeholders for their further input before it can be finally adopted.

Speaking at the workshop, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Rungano Jonas Zvobgo said that Great Zimbabwe University should be pacesetters as the country’s higher education undergoes massive transformation towards the achievement of the new Education 5.0 Model of higher education and the UN’s Agenda 2030.  Education 5.0 entails that graduates should be equipped with skills that empower them to innovate towards societal development through transformative science and technology knowledge application that delivers goods and services. While Zimbabwe is aiming to achieve an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

Professor Zvobgo said that the forthcoming five-year strategic planning cycle should see the University “doing something remarkable, something that thunders and sets the pace for higher education in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the end of the four-day workshop, participants were optimistic that the new strategic plan will usher a new era of further growth  and  success for the University.

The Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Andrew Chindanya said that the process of putting together the new strategic plan made it abundantly clear that  everyone had to change their modus operandi to achievement the goals of the new plan. He said that the process was a good opportunity “to check ourselves” and we realised the need to immediately adopt a new attitude towards our work. 

Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Andrew Chindanya , speaking to delegates.

School Deans concurred that the pace of change in higher education is accelerating rapidly, and new non-traditional challenges are surfacing every day. They added that they were ready to provide astute leadership as the University unpacks the new strategic plan and implements the Education 5.0 model. The Deans said that they had learnt from the strategic planning process that the new approach to higher and tertiary education demanded a “change of mindset” and a “disruption of boundaries”.  They said that from the workshop they had added new vocabulary such as ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ to their language.

Other participants were all in agreement that there was a  compelling need for everyone to abandon their “comfort zones” and brace for the new epoch at the University. The participants committed to playing their part in the University’s achievements, accentuating its distinctiveness and raising its profile. 

Some of the delegates who attended the workshop.

Professor Zvobgo thanked Great Zimbabwe University Council members Engineer I. Kuveya and Mrs K.T. Gorejena, the Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE), Professor Kuzvinetsa Peter Dzvimbo and National Arts Council of Zimbabwe representative, Mrs Hilda  Mudefi for attending and committing to the cause of growing Great Zimbabwe University.  He also thanked facilitators of the workshop, Rubiem Consultancy, for “five-star” facilitation. 

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