Simon Muzenda School Of Arts, Culture And Heritage Studies

Bachelor Of Arts Honours in Media and Cultural Studies

Not all modules will be on offer every semester.

Core modules                                                                 

HMCS 101 Introduction to Media and Culture

HMCS 102 Media in Zimbabwe

HMCS 103 Media Law and Ethics

HMCS 104 Theories of Communication and the Media

HMCS 105 Photography, Video and Film

BHS   110   Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage

CSARM 101 Communication Skills



Core modules

HMCS 106 Media Trends in Africa and Beyond

HMCS 107 Media, Internet and Culture

HMCS 108 News Writing and Reporting

HMCS 109 Texts, Audiences and Reception

EF 105 Information Communication Technology

Each student will have to choose either

BAC 101 African Philosophy and Thought


BHS 101 Introduction to Zimbabwean History


Core modules

HMCS 201 Critical Media Theory

HMCS 202 Media and African Indigenous Knowledge Systems

HMCS 203 Newspaper Sub-Editing, Design and Layout

HMCS 204 Media Economics

HMCS 205 Culture, Ideology and the Media


Optional modules

HMCS 206 Social Media and Community Development

HMCS 207 Photo Journalism

HMCS 208 Organisational Communication and the Media

HMCS 209 Principles of Economics



Core Modules

HMCS 210 Television and Radio Broadcasting

HMCS 211 Multimedia and Cyber Publishing

HMCS 212 Public Relations

HMCS 213 Principles of Advertising

HMCS 214 Media Research Methods

Optional Modules

HMCS 215 Reporting in African Indigenous Languages

HMCS 216 Online Journalism

HMCS 217 Language and Skills for Media Practitioners


Part III-Work Related Learning

HMCS 301 Employer’s Assessment

HMCS 302 Academic Supervisor’s Assessment

HMCS 303 Work-Related Learning Report

Part IV Semester I

Core modules

HMCS 401 Documentary Production

HMCS 402 Media and Human Rights

HMCS 403 Specialized News Writing and Reporting

HMCS 404 Political Communication and the Media

HMCS 405 Theories of Development and Democracy and the Media


Optional Modules

HMCS 406 Social Research and Advocacy

HMCS 407 Health Communication


Core modules

HMCS 408 Marketing Communications

HMCS 409 Communication Policies and Media Management

HMCS 410 Media, Gender and Cultural Representations

HMCS 470 Research Project

Optional Modules

HMCS 411 Advanced Radio Journalism

HMCS 412 Advanced Television Journalism

HMCS 413 Advanced Photo Journalism

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