Simon Muzenda School Of Arts, Culture And Heritage Studies

Master of Arts Degree in Musicology and Ethnochoreology

PART I                   SEMESTER I

HMUE101      : Natures and Characteristics of Music

HMUE102      : Physics of Music

HMUE103      : Western Classical or Art Music

HMUE104      : Theory of Western Music

HMUE105      : Performance Practice: Aerophones, Voice and other Instruments

BSH110         : Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage

CSARM101     : Communication Skills


PART I                   SEMESTER II

HMUE106      : Musicology

HMUE107      : Definitions and Scope of Ethnomusicology

HMUE108      : Theories for Ethnomusicology

HMUE109      : Performance Practice: Idiophones and Membranophones

EF105           : Information Communication and Technology

BAC101         : African Philosophy and Thought


PART II                  SEMESTER I

HMUE201      : Indigenous Music in Zimbabwe

HMUE202      : Indigenous African Musical Arts

HMUE203      : Organology

HMUE204      : Performance Practice: Chordophones and Keyboards

HMUE205      : Indigenous Musical Instruments

HMUE206      : Research Methods and Techniques


PART II                  SEMESTER II

Core modules

HMUE207      : Dance Choreography

HMUE208      : Music Technology

HMUE209      : Music Business

HMUE210      : Music Social Research Methods

HMUE211      : Performance Practice: Electric Band


Optional modules

HMUE212      : Ensemble Recital

HMUE213      : Music Production

HMCS212      : Public Relations

MM204          : Social Marketing



HMUE301      : Employer’s Assessment

HMUE302      : Academic Supervisor’s Assessment

HMUE303      : Work-Related Learning Report


PART IV                 SEMESTER I

Each student shall be required to study six (6) modules.


Core modules

HMUE401      : Music Hybridity

HMUE402      : Popular Music

HMUE403      : World Music Cultures

HMUE404      : Dance Ethnography

HMUE405      : Performance Practice: Minor Specialisation


Optional modules

HMUE406      : Musical Appreciation

HMUE407      : Audio Recording and Mastering

HMUE408      : Representation of Musical Text


PART IV                 SEMESTER II

Core modules


HMUE409      : Copyrights and Ethics

HMUE410      : Performance Practice: Major Specialisation

HMUE470      : Research Project


Optional modules

HMUE411      : Music Education

HMUE412      : Music Biography

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