Munhumutapa School Of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Accounting


Level I Semester I

AC100                             Commercial Law I

AC108                             Accounting Concepts and Principles

BAC101                           African Philosophy and Thought

CSCM101                        Business Communication

EC101                             Microeconomics 1

ICCT100                         Introduction to Computers & Computer Applications

Level I Semester II

AC107                             Commercial Law II

AC109                             Introduction to Financial Reporting

AC110                             Financial Mathematics for Accounting

BHS110                           Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage

EC103                             Macroeconomics 1

MM102                            Principles of Management

Level II Semester I

AC205                             Company Law and Practice

AC210                             Financial Reporting for Companies

AC211                             Auditing Theory and Practice

AC212                             Cost Accounting

AC213                             Accounting Information Systems

AC217                             Financial planning and Control

Level II Semester II

AC204                             Business Research Methods

AC208                             Tax Law & Practice

AC214                             Public Sector Accounting

AC215                             General Financial Reporting

AC216                             Practical Accounting Data Processing

AC218                             Management Accounting

Level III

AC301                             Work-Related Learning Reports

AC302                             Continuous Work- Related Assessment

Level IV Semester I

AC410                             Corporate Governance and Ethics

AC411                             Strategic Management Accounting

AC412                             Auditing in a Computerised Environment

AC414                             Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

AC415                             Distinctive Financial Reporting

MM403                            Entrepreneurship

AC409                             Research Project

Level IV Semester II

AC409                             Research Project

AC413                             Specific Financial Reporting

AC416                             Group Financial Reporting

AC417                             Advanced Theory and Practice of Auditing

AC418                             Strategic Taxation Review

AC419                             Financial Management

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