Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Logistics and Transport Management


Part I Semester II
Core modules
Code                     Module Description
EC001                    Principles of Economics
IS101                     Introduction to Computers and Computer Applications
AC101                    Financial Accounting IA
CSCM101                Business Communication
MM102                    Principles of Management
AC102                    Commercial Law
BAC101                  African Philosophy and Thought

Part I Semester II
Core Modules
MLT101                   Principles of Purchasing and Supply
MM107                    Quantitative Analysis for Business
MLT107                   Principles of Logistics
MLT102                   Principles of Transport Management
MLT106                   Warehousing and Material Handling
AC103                    Financial Accounting IB
BHS110                   Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage

Part II Semester I
Core Modules
Code                   Module Description
MLT201                Supply Chain Management
MLT215                Inventory and Stores Management
MLT214                Forecasting and Demand Management
MLT203                Shipping, Forwarding and Transport Broking
MLT204                Risk and Insurance
MLT211                Import/Export Documentation and customs
MLT212                Industrial and Service Procurement

Part II Semester  II
Core Modules
MLT206                Transport Economics
MLT217                Road Freight & Sea Transport
MLT208                Airlines and Airports Management
MLT209                Business Research Methods
MM212                 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
MLT213                Distribution Channel Management
MLT216                Transport Costing and Pricing Management
Part III

Code                     Module Description
MLT301                Work-Related Learning Report
MLT302               Continuous Work-Related Assessments

Part IV Semester I
Code                   Module Description
MLT402                Transport Planning & Investment
MLT403                Managing the Supply Contracts & Supply Relationships
MLT413                ICT in Logistics and Transport
MLT405               Strategic Transport Management
MLT414                Global and International Logistics
MLT415                Legal Aspects of Purchasing and Supply
MLT417                Research Project

Part IV Semester  II
MLT408                Materials planning and Production Control
MLT416                Green Logistics
MLT409                 International Purchasing Strategies & Plans
MLT411                Integrated Logistics
MLT412                Logistics Planning and Strategy
MM417                Research Project

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