Normal Entry:A Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics or recognised Equivalent with a minimum of a 2.2 degree class

Special Entry: Bachelor of Education Degree in a relevant subject area.

Duration : One (1) year Block Release


Modules to be offered


Part IV
Students shall be required to study a minimum of twelve (12) modules including a research project.
Semester I
Core                                                                        Prerequisites

HMT401                Real Analysis                                  HMT213
HMT402                Complex Analysis                           HMT218
HMT403                Topology                                        HMT213
HMT407                Numerical Solutions of PDE’s            HMT207

Students should choose 2 modules from the following options:


HMT404               Set Theory and Logic
HMT405               Commutative Algebra                     HMT209
HMT406               Risk Theory                                    HMT201
HMT408               Control Theory
HMT409               Calculus of variations

HST413        Advanced Probability Theory
HMT417        Partial Differential Equations            HMT214
HMT416        Fluid Mechanics                               HMT217
HMT460        Research Project


Students should choose 2 modules from the following options:
HMT410         Perturbation Theory
HMT414         Algebra II
HMT415         Group Theory
HMT419         Non Linear Ordinary Differential Equations            HMT207
HMT420         Non Linear Partial Differential Equations                HMT210

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