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Department of African Languages and Culture

About the Department

The Department is the face of culture and heritage in the institution as the languages of Africa carry the cultures that are the center of African civilizations and heritages. The Department approaches language and culture using practical methodologies that seek to transform society through teaching and research. The Department of African Languages and Literature was the first in the country to broaden the scope of African languages beyond Chishona and Isindebele by raising and developing Tshivenda and Xichangana in Zimbabwe in partnership with the University of Venda. The Department is also the pioneer in the training of interpreters and translators in the country.

Department Staff



Mr.  S. Ndlovu

MA (African Languages and Literature) [UZ, 2007], BA Hons (African Languages and Literature) [MSU,2004]

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Research Interests

Theoretical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Onomastics


SECRETARY – Ms.  Z. Mposa

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Programme Duration Entry Requirements
BA Honours Degree in African Languages and Culture (ChiShona) Four (4) years


Normal Entry

Applicants should be holders of at least 5 ‘O’ levels at Grade C or better, including English Language plus at least 2 ‘A’ levels passes.

Special Entry

a)At least 5 0’Level passes at Grade C or better including English Language.

b)Holders of relevant Diplomas and relevant working experience as well as recommendation letter from the employer or other referees will also be considered


BA Honours Degree in African Languages and Culture (Ndebele)
BA Honours Degree in African Languages and Culture (TshiVenda)
BA Honours Degree in African Languages and Culture (XiChangana)
BA Honours Dual Degree in African Languages and Religious Studies
BA Honours Dual Degree in African Languages and Philosophy
BA Honours Dual Degree in African Languages and Media
Master in  African Languages One and a half  (1½)years At least a 2.2 class and relevant Honours Degree in any African Language or an equivalent qualification.














Prof. G. Makaudze DLitt [UNISA, 2009]

PGDE [MSU, 2003]

MA [UZ, 1998]

BA Hons [UZ, 1996]



Literature, Gender and Culture and Onomastics
Dr. N. Grand DLitt [ UNISA, 2013]


MA  [UZ,2004]

BA Hons [UZ, 1986]

Grad CE [UZ, 1988] Language, Intangible Heritage Management and Culture
Dr. P. Mabaso DLitt [UNISA, 2013]

MA [UZ, 2007]

BA Hons [UZ, 2004] Language Documentation
Dr. S.K. Madlome PhD [UNIVEN ,2017]

MA[ UNIVEN ,2014]

BA HONS[ UNIVEN, 2011] BA [GZU ,2010]

Dip Educ.[ UZ ] Sociolinguistics; Culture and IKS; Applied Linguistics
Dr. E. Mandova PhD [2017]


BA HONS [UZ, 2002]

BA [ UZ, 2000] IKS; Literature and Culture and Development
Dr. W. Wasosa DLitt [UNISA, 2015]

MA [UZ, 2007]

Grad DE [UZ, 2005]

BA Hons [UZ, (2000] Literature; Onomastics and Sociolinguistics
Dr .W. Zivenge DLitt [UNISA,2008] M.A. [UZ,2005]

BA Hons (African Languages & Culture) [MSU,2003]

BTech Edu Mgt [2001]

Dip Educ.[GTC, 1997] Linguistic Heritage; Culture and IKS Applied Linguistics
Mrs. K. Choene MA [UNIVEN ,2015]


BA [GZU,2010] Literature; Culture and Onomastics
Ms. B. Lantern MA [MSU, 2010]

BA HONS [MSU ,2007]

GRAD DE [GZU, 2016] Language Planning; Culture and Development
Mr. A. Mapindani MA [UNIVEN ,2014]

BA [GZU, 2010]

BA HONS [UNIVEN,2011] Onomastics; Literature and Gender
Mr. M. Mazuru MA [UZ, 2007]

PGDE [ZOU, 2005]

BA, BA Hons [UZ, 2000] Literature, Onomastics; Critical Theories and Culture and Development
Ms. M. Mpapa MA [UNIVEN , 2016]


BA [GZU , 2010] Sociolinguistics, Lexicography; Linguistics; Culture and Development
Mrs S. Mulea MA [UNIVEN ,2014]


BA [GZU, 2010]

Dip Educ.[ UZ,2001]


Culture and Development; IKS and Onomastics
Ms. L. Ndlovu MA [UZ ,2007]

BA HONS [UZ ,2004] Literature and Gender; IKS; Oral literature and Afrocentricity and Black Liberation thought
Mr. F. Sibanda


MA [MSU, 2010]

BA Hons (UZ, 2001)

BA [UZ, 1999] Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS)
Ms. H.P. Shoko MA [UNIVEN, 2015]


BA [GZU,2010] Sociolinguistics and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS)

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