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About the Department

The English and Media Studies Department houses three sections, English Literature and Applied communication and Media Studies. The Department currently offers the following degree programmes: English and Applied Communication, a programme that combines the study of Literature and Applied Communication as essentially cultural exercises, Media and Cultural Studies which essentially is a skills-based programme that offers practical modules which provide students with hands-on exposure to the media industry and a Masters in Literary Studies which provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the socio-cultural function of creative literature.  Since its inception, the Department has striven to combine theoretical and vocational training in their course offerings and this will continue into the future.

Department Staff

ACTING Chairperson     

Ms. E. F. Hove

M.A (Communication & Media Studies) [UZ, 2008], PGD (Communication & Media Studies) [ UZ, 2006], B.A ( English &Communication [Solusi ,2002]

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Research Interests

Gender and the Media, New Media and Reception Studies




SECRETARY – Ms. S. Murombo

NC (Secretarial Studies) [Masvingo Polytechnic, 2002]

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Department of English and Media Studies Programmes

Programme Duration Entry Requirements
BA Honours Degree in English and Applied Communication Four (4) years


Normal Entry

Applicants should be holders of at least 5 ‘O’ levels at Grade C or better, including English Language plus at least 2 ‘A’ levels passes.

Special Entry

a)At least 5 0’Level passes at Grade C or better including English Language.

b)Holders of relevant Diplomas and relevant working experience as well as recommendation letter from the employer or other referees will also be considered


BA Honours Degree in Media and Cultural Studies
MA in Literary studies One (1) year A minimum of a first degree in the relevant subjects












Prof. K.Z. Muchemwa



PhD (English) [Stellenbosch, 2013]

MA (English( [UR, 1976]

BA Hons [UR, 1974]

Grad CE [ UZ, 1984] Postcolonial and Diaspora Literatures;

City identities, cultures and literatures

Zimbabwean and Southern Africa literatures


Dr. T. Mangena


PhD (English) [Lieden, 2015]

MA ( English) [ UZ, 2007]

BA Special Hons (English) [ UZ, 2005]

 Postcolonial theories and cultures, specifically African and Zimbabwean cultures;

Postcolonial literature, specifically Zimbabwean literatures

Dr . T. Marungudzi PhD (English) [NWU, 2017]

MA (Applied Linguistics)

[ UNISA, 2009]

BA Hons (Linguistics) [UNISA, 2006]

PGDE [MSU, 2004]

BA (English and Linguistics)

[ UZ, 1996] New Englishes;

Language Planning;

Language and Disadvantage;

Corpus Linguistics

Mr. T. Ngwenya MA( English) [LSU, 2008]

MA (English)[ UZ, 2002]

BA Special Hons [UZ ,1996]

BA [ UZ, 1991]

Grad CE[ UZ, 1997] Gender and Ethnicity
Mr. T. Moyo MA  (English) [UZ ,2005]

BA Hons (English)[ UZ,1994] Zimbabwean Literature;


Mr. G. Maunganidze MSc (Media and Society Studies) [MSU, 2012]

BSc Hons (Media and Society) [ MSU,2008] Journalism and New Media
Mr. P. Chiwewe MSc( Media and Society Studies)  [MSU ,2011]

BSc (Media and Society Studies) [ MSU , 2004] Media;

Language and Citizenship;

New Media and Reception Studies

Ms. K. Muchetwa MSc (Media and Society Studies,) [MSU, 2016]

BSc Hons (Media and Society) [MSU, 2014]


Media and Social identities;

Post-Colonial Theories and the Media;

Media and Democracy

Mr. L. Alfandika Msc (Media & Society Studies) [MSU,2014]

BA (Communication Studies) [ZOU,2007]

BA Special Hons (Communication and Media Studies)[ ZOU , 2013]

Postgraduate Diploma ( Public Relations) [NUST , 2012]

Cert. (Training Methods) [ZPSC, 2005] Media Policy and Regulations;

Media and Democracy


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