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Munhumutapa School of Commerce


Department Of Management Studies


About the Department

The Department is housed in the Munhumutapa School of Commerce. Currently, the department offers four undergraduate degree programmes namely, Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Marketing Management, Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Office Management and Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Logistics and Transport Management. In addition the department offers two-taught Masters Degree programmes i.e. Master of Commerce degree in Marketing Management and Master of Commerce degree in Strategic Management. The Department endeavours to nurture marketing and business talent through excellence in entrepreneurial research and innovation.


Department Staff



Mr J. Marumbwa

MSc Marketing [NUST 2012]

B.Com Hons in Marketing [GZU 2008]


Research Interest

Digital marketing, E-Commerce, Social media marketing. Mobile Marketing



Ms V. Chiduza

MA Development Studies [MSU, 2013],

PGD Development Studies, BA [ZOU, 2009],

HND in Secretarial [HEXCO, 2007],

ND in Secretarial [HEXCO, 1994],

NC in Secretarial [HEXCO, 1992]








Mr C.D. Madondo

M.Com Marketing [MSU, 2007]

BA General Arts [UZ, 1993 ]

B. Com Hons Marketing [MSU, 2005]

Grade CE [UZ, 1993]

Marketing communications,


Social media,

Change management

Dr J. Zimuto

PhD in Business Management (University of Pretoria) 2019

M.Com  Marketing Strategy [MSU,2007]

B.Com  Marketing [ZOU, 2006]

Firm performance and dynamic capabilities


Mr T. Moyo

MBA [ZOU, 2004]
MSc Marketing [NUST, 2008]

B.Tech Education Management [Tech Pretoria, 2000]

Supply chain management in fast moving consumer goods


Mr J Makore

MSc Marketing [NUST, 2007], BBA Marketing [IMM, 2004]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Information Systems and Digital Direct Marketing


Mr K. Dhliwayo 

MBA [ZOU,2006]

HND Marketing [HEXCO, 1992]

ND Marketing [HEXCO, 1991]

Supply and chain management

Dr M. Mutsikiwa

PhD in Marketing Management (2018 – University of Pretoria, SA)
Master of Science Marketing (2008 – NUST, ZIM)
Master of Business Administration (2004 – ZOU, ZIM)
Bachelor of Philosophy Honours in Marketing Management (2017- IMM, SA)
Licentiate in Education – Geography (1992 – Cuba)
Diploma in Personnel Management (1994 – IPMZ)

Brand personality and social media brands

Mr C. Basera

M.Com in Marketing (MSU) 2007

B.Com HONS in Marketing (MSU) 2004

HDN in Marketing (Harare Polytechnic) 1998

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

Internal Marketing

Mrs E. Madziba

MBA [Sheffield University, 1996]

BA General English  and History [UZ, 1992]

Marketing Advertising Public Relation (Transworld Education College, 1996]


Mr W. Makumbe

MBA [UZ, 2011]

B.Com Hons Business Studies [UZ, 2001]




Mr R. Mandiyambira

M.Com Marketing [MSU, 2012]

B.Com Marketing and Economics [GZU, 2007]

Diploma Purchasing and Supply Management [IAC, 2014]

Supply chain management.

Public Procurement

Mr J. Ruvando

M.Com Marketing Strategy [MSU, 2012]

B.Com Hons Marketing Management [MSU, 2004]

Digital marketing,


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