Monday 22 Sep 2014
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Faculty of arts


To be the flag bearer of excellence in the areas of Creative Arts and Culture.


The Faculty strives to be a national, regional and international leader in teaching and research as a strategy of solving life challenges.

Core values

To promote efficiency, effectiveness and excellence in the key areas of teaching, research and University service.


*Create an enriched environment for teaching and research.
*Recruit, motivate and nurture highly qualified and appropriately experienced staff.
*Create an excellent learning environment for students.



Future plans

The Faculty of Arts wishes to introduce the following programmes
•    BA in Theatre Arts
•    BA in Digital Arts and Technology
•    BA in Design and Media
•    Post-Graduate Diploma in XiChangana
•    Post- Graduate Diploma in TshiVenda
•    Certificate in Modern Languages
•    School of Archaeology
•    Centre of Applied Ethics
•    African Languages Research Centres.


G. Makaudze, DLitt et Phil (UNISA), PGDE (MSU), MA (UZ), BA.Hons (UZ)

Deputy Dean
N. Mutami, MA, [UZ] BA Hons, [UZ] Grad. CE [UZ]

Assistant Registrar
S. Haruzivishe, B.Com (GZU), B.Mgt. Human Resources (ZOU), Diploma in Personnel Management (IPMZ), Dip.Ed (G.T.C)

Administrative Assistant
M.T. Macheka, BA (MASU)



Acting Chairperson
S. Ndlovu, B.A Hons (MSU), MA (UZ)

Senior Lecturer
J. Mapara, DLitt et Phil, MA (UNISA), Cert. Environ Education (Rhodes), BA Hons,  GRAD.C.E. (UZ)

L. Ndlovu, B.A Hons (UZ), M.A (UZ)
M. Mazuru, MA (UZ), BA Special Hons (UZ), BA General (UZ), PGDE (ZOU)
E. Mandova, MA (UZ), BA Special Hons (UZ), BA General (UZ)
N. Grand, MA (UZ) BA Special (Hons) (UZ), BA Gen (UZ), Grad. CE (UZ)
W. Wasosa, BA Hons (UZ), Grad.D.E. (UZ), M.A (UZ)
I. Mhute, Mphil Arts (UZ),BA Dual Hons (UZ

Visiting Lecturers
Prof. T.W. Muloiwa, MA (I.C.S. – Canada) BA Hons (UNISA), SATD,
M.C. Hlungwani, MA (STELL) BA Hons (UNIN), BA (Ed),
S.A Tshithukhe, MA (STELL) BA Hons (UNIN), J.S.T.C.
N.C. Netshisaulu, MA (STELL) UED B.A Hons (UNIVEN),
M.R. Raphalalani, MA (STELL) BA Hons (UNIN) HED,
M.T. Babane, MEd (UNIN), BA Hons (UNIN), BA (Ed),
M.A, Mushwana (UNIVEN) BA Hons (UNIVEN)
Prof NM. Musehane, Dlitt, MA (STELL), BA Hons (UNIN), BA Hons (Comm) UNISA

Assistant Lecturers
B. Lantern, BA Hons (MSU)
F. Sibanda, BA Hons (UZ)


A. Mushati, MA (UZ), BA Hons (UZ)

T.S. Ngwenya, PhD, MA (L.S.U ) M.A (U.Z), B.A. Hons,(UZ) Grad.CE,(UZ) B.A.Gen. (U.Z)
T. Moyo, MA (UZ), BA Hons (UZ)
O. Nyambi, MA (UZ), BA. Hons (UZ)
T. Mangena, MA (UZ), BA Hons (UZ), BA Gen (UZ)    
T. Marungudzi, MA (UNISA),BA Hons, BA Gen (UZ) PGDE (MSU)

Assistant Lecturers
P. Chiwewe, BSc Hons (MSU)
T. Zhou, BA (MASU)                                                                                                
A. Maluleke, BA (MASU)
G. Mutema, BA (GZU)
P. Zinhuku, BA Hons (MSU)


N. Mutami, MA (UZ), BA Hons (UZ), Grad. CE (UZ)

B. Tavuyanago, MA (UZ), BA Hons (UZ), Grad. CE (UZ)
J. Hlongwana, MA (MSU), BA Hons (UNISA), BA Gen (UNISA), Dip. Ed
D. Tobias, MA (MSU), BA (UZ), PGDE (ZOU)
T. Muguti, MA (UZ), BA Hons, (UZ), Grad. CE (UZ)
I. Makanyisa, MA (MSU), BA (UZ), Grad. CE (UZ)
F. Duri, MA (UZ), BA Hons, (UZ)


E. Chireshe, MEd (ZOU), MA, BA Hons. Grad CE (UZ)

R. S. Maposa, MEd (GZU), MA, BA Hons, Grad. CE (UZ)
T. Marevesa, MA (UZ), Grad CE (UZ), BA Hons (UZ)
N. Madzokere, MA, BA (Hons), Dip R.S. (UZ), Dip TH (B.T.S.Z.)
D. Masaka, MA, BA Hons (UZ)
M. Chemhuru, MA, BA Hons (UZ)
F. Sibanda, MA, BA Hons, Grad. CE (UZ)
J. Mukusha, MA, BA (Hons), CE (UZ), IHRE (UCT) (SA)
E.T. Gwaravanda, MA, BA Hons (UZ)
Dr. P. Mazambara,  DTh (Hamburg), MA, BA Hons (UZ)
E. Masitera, MA (UZ), BA Hons (Arrupe)


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