International Students


The Directorate of International Students recruitment’s mandate is to internationalise the University by recruiting international students from SADC region and beyond so that the University has a melting pot of various African and International Cultures.  This will go a long way in bolstering the University’s niche area of Culture and Heritage.  The benefits to the University of such a forum of Social and Cultural intercourse are too numerous to mention suffice to say the product that the University will produce will be a true African and International graduate.

Bridging programmes are offered across all faculties for International students.  Science bridging programmes are for local students only.



Visa Requirements

There are some countries that are required to apply for a Visa before travelling to Zimbabwe. Check Visa requirements.

Immigration Requirements

International students intending to study at Great Zimbabwe University, regardless of nationality, are required by law to apply for a study permit before travelling to Zimbabwe to take up their studies

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