Jairosi Jiri Centre For Special Needs Education

About the centre

The Centre is located in the Central Business District of Masvingo and is an arm of the Robert Mugabe School of Education. The Centre is a specialised type of learning centre which was specially designed for the disabled and has adequate equipment to carter for various incapabilities. The school derives its inspiration from the Zimbabwean legend Jairos Jiri who was the first person to establish such type of schools.


Jairosi Jiri Centre for Special Needs Education  Staff Profiles

Name Qualifications Contact Details Research Areas
Dr. Martin Musengi (Chairperson)


-Doctor (Deaf Education Philosophy) PhD (Univ. of the Witwatersrand),

-M.Ed. Psychology in Special Needs Education (Masvingo State University),

-Bachelor of Education (University of Zimbabwe)

-Certificate of   Education (University of Zimbabwe)



-Deaf and Special Inclusive Education





Lilian Chirombe


-PhD-(UNISA) SNE (pending)

-M Ed  (Manchester) SNE DAES University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

-CE (Cambridge)

-CE T4 Teacher (UCE)




0778 717 303


-Performance Lag Address Programme

-Parental involvement

Kundisai Mudita


-PhD-(UFS)SNE (pending

-M.Ed.  Science  Special Education (ZOU)

-Bachelor of Arts(ECS) ZOU


-CE (Mkoba)


kmudita@gzu.ac.zw/ keith2fay@gmail.com

0772 743 655

-Physical and Motor Disabilities

-Mental Retardation

-Gifted and Talented Education

-Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Albert Manyowa


-PhD-(Walden  University)SNE (pending)

-DASE (Manchester)

-M. Ed SNE



0773 397 422

-Gifted and Talented Education

-Intellectual Disabilities

-Rehabilitation and Transition of Children and Youth with Disabilities

-Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Francis A. Dakwa


-PhD-(UKZN) SNE (pending)

-M Ed Sped

-B.A Unisa











0775 968 686

-Inclusion of children with visual impairment in the mainstream

-Language development in children with hearing impairments

-HIV and AIDS awareness


-Early Childhood Development (ECD)

-Inclusion of learners with disabilities

Patricia Muvirimi


-PhD-(UKZN) SNE (pending)

-M.Phil. SNE  (Oslo)

-B.Ed. SNE [UZ]


-CE (Mkoba)



0773 546 190

·-Hearing Impairment

·-Health Related Disabilities

-Language Development in Deaf Children

-Inclusive Education

-Vocational Educational

Patricia Mutumburanzou


– PhD-(UKZN) SNE (pending)

– M.Ed. SNE (GZU)

– B. Ed SNE [UZ]


-B. Tech


0773 899 051

-Hearing Impairment