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Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture


Jairosi Jiri Centre For Special Needs Education


About the Department

The Jairos Jiri Centre for Special Needs Education focuses on developing teachers for pupils with disabilities and other special educational needs. The Centre also provides support services for Great Zimbabwe University students with special educational needs. It is an arm of the Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture. The Centre derives its operation from the Zimbabwean legend Jairos Jiri who was the first Black person to establish support services and special schools in Zimbabwe.


Department Staff


Prof. M. Musengi  Jairosi Jiri Centre For Special Needs Education professor musengi

Prof. M. Musengi


DPhil. [Wits, SA, 2014], M.Ed. Psychology with Special Needs Education [UZ, 2003], B.Ed [UZ, 1999], C.E. Special Needs Education [UZ, 1988], C.E. [Morgenster, 1985]

Email address:

Research interests

Deaf and Special Inclusive Education

Ms. N. Ndomoro


HND in Office Management [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2011]

National Diploma in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2008]

National Certificate in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2005]

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Mrs. L Chirombe


M.Ed. Special Needs Education [Manchester University,1989], DAES [University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1988], C.E. T4 Teacher [UCE, 1971]


Inclusion, Performance Lag Address Programme, Parental involvement

Ms. K. Mudita


M. Sc.   Special Education [ZOU, 2012], B.A. [ECS] [ZOU, 2012], B.Ed. Special Needs Education [MASU, 2006], C. E. [Mkoba, 1990]



Physical and Motor Disabilities, Mental Retardation, Gifted and Talented Education, Orphans and Vulnerable Children


Mr. A. Manyowa


M.Ed. Special Needs Education [University of Manchester, 1990], DASE [University of Manchester, 1989], T3 [St Paul Musami, 1976]



Gifted and Talented Education, Intellectual Disabilities, Rehabilitation and Transition of Children and Youth with Disabilities, Orphans and Vulnerable Children


Mr. F. A. Dakwa


M.Ed. Special Education [University of Wales, 1983], B.A. [UNISA, 1976], C.E. [UZ, 1969], Dip. Special Education [UNISA, 1980]








Inclusion of children with visual impairment in the mainstream, Language development in children with hearing impairments, HIV and AIDS awareness, Poetry, Early Childhood Development (ECD), Inclusion of learners with disabilities

Mrs. P. Muvirimi


MPhil. SNE [Oslo, 2002], B.Ed. Special Needs Education [UZ, 1997], C.E.  [UCE, 1999], C.E.  [Mkoba, 1983]


Hearing Impairment, Health Related Disabilities, Language Development in Deaf Children, Inclusive Education, Vocational Educational

Mrs. P. Mutumburanzou


M.Ed.  Special Needs Education [GZU, 2012], B.Ed. Special Needs Education [UZ, 2003], B. Tech [Technicon Pretoria, 1999], C.E. [UCE, 1986], T3 Infant [Umtali Teacher’s College, 1976]



Hearing Impairment

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