Master of Commerce Degree in Financial Economics


Part I Semester I

MED501        Macroeconomics Models and Policy
MFE501        Advanced International Finance
MFE502        Advanced Strategic Banking
MFE503        Econometrics Principles and Data Analysis

Optional (Choose  one)
MFE504        International Monetary Economics
MFE505        Investment and Project Appraisal
MFE506        Portfolio Analysis and Derivatives

Part I Semester II
MED507        Macroeconomics Policy and Stabilisation Programmes
MFE507        Econometrics Analysis and Application
MFE508        Development Finance Principles and Experience
MEC500        Economics Research and Computer Applications

Optional (Choose one)
MFE509        Advanced Corporate Finance
MISTP503        Advanced International Economics
MFE510        Economics of Exchange Rates

Part II Semester I
MFE511        Dissertation

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