Munhumutapa School Of Commerce

Master of Commerce Degree in Professional Accounting and Corporate Governance


Level I Semester I


MAAC504                       Applied Cost and Management Accounting

MAAC523                        Applied Accounting & Financial Reporting

MAAC524                        Applied Corporate Law & Practice

MAAC525                        Applied General & Strategic Management

MAAC517                        Applied Research Methods

Level I Semester II


MAAC513                        Applied Corporate Financial Management

MAAC514                        Applied Forensic Auditing

MAAC526                        Applied Corporate Secretaryship

MAAC527                        Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management

MAAC528                        Integrative Case Study

OPTIONS             (A Candidate chooses one module during both Semesters)

MAAC502                        Applied Taxation

MAAC515                       Applied Accounting Information Systems

MAAC518                        Applied International Business Reporting

MAAC519                       Applied Public Sector Accounting

MAAC521                       Applied Group Financial Reporting

Level II Semester I

MAAC 516                       Dissertation

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