Part I Semester I

SNEM 104     Disability Issues in Gender HIV and Aids
SNEM107     Social and Cultural Context of Special Needs Education.
SNEM101     Assessment and Curriculum Issues in Special Needs Education.

Part I Semester II

SNEM108    Communication Systems in Special Needs Education.
SNEM105    Research Methods and Statistics.
SNEM109    Community Based Rehabilitation, Guidance and Counselling.

Part II Semester I

One (1) Compulsory module
SNEM201    Practicum in the area of specialisation.

and one (1) elective module from the following:
SNEM202    Severe Learning and Communication Difficulties.
SNEM203    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Studies.
SNEM204    Visual Disability Studies.
SNEM205    Emotional and Behavioural Disorders.
SNEM206     Severe and Multiple Disabilities.
SNEM207    Inclusive Physical Education.
SNEM208    Talented and Gifted Education.
SNEM209    Inclusive Early Childhood Development.
SNEM211     Management Issues in Special Needs Education.

Not all option modules may be on offer in any one-year.

Part II Semester II

SNEM210     Dissertation in the area of specialization.

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