Munhumutapa School Of Commerce

Masters of Business Management


Level 1: Semester 1

Core Courses

MBM501            Management Accounting for Business

MBM502            Management Information Systems & E-Commerce

MBM503            Management of Business

MBM504            Human Resources Management

MBM505            Business Economics

Level 1: Semester 2

Core Courses

MBM506            International Business

MBM507            Strategic Marketing Management

MBM508            Financial Management

MBM509            Product and Operations Management

MBM510            Strategic Management


Level 11: Semester 1

Core Courses

MBM511  Business Research Methods

MBM512  Managing Innovation & Entrepreneurship

MBM513  Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

MBM514 Strategic Business Leadership

MBM515  Project Management

Level 11: Semester 2

Core Course

MBM515  Dissertation

Electives (students to choose one course)

MMM505   Supply Chain Management

MMM511   Strategic Brand Management

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