President E.D. Mnangagwa installed as GZU Chancellor


On Friday October 12 2018, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa was installed as the second Chancellor of Great Zimbabwe University at the University’s 12th Graduation Ceremony.

His Excellency President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa being installed as Chancellor of Great Zimbabwe University.

The President was installed as  the University’s Chancellor by the Vice Chancellor by Professor Rungano Zvobgo before he capped 3 916 graduates.


In his Acceptance Speech,  President Mnangagwa said that his government recognised the importance of higher education in the acquisition of new skills, modelling of career paths, development of new products and sustainable socio-economic development. He called upon Great Zimbabwe University to make an impact in the country’s modernization and industrialisation agenda.


The President challenged the University to leverage on its niche for promoting the teaching of arts, culture and heritage studies as these had immense potential to contribute to the growth of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.


“My Government stands ready to facilitate an enabling environment to grow this sector. Meanwhile, I urge the players in the industry to be imaginative, original and resourceful in their inventions and development of new products. We, however, bemoan the prevalence of piracy in the industry. Stakeholders should continue to review and implement the statutes which protect intellectual, property, patents and copyrights.”


The President and Chancellor urged the University’s Gary Magadzire School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences to “draw inspiration from the character and passion of the person, after whom the school was named, and develop cutting edge breakthroughs in crop science, livestock farming and irrigation development”.


“The institution must, thus, meaningfully contribute to turning the province into a greenbelt through the full utilisation of the Tugwi-Murkosi Dam, research and use of small grain seed varieties, among other initiatives,” he said.


The President said that the Government was in full support of the University’s plan to start construction of its Main Campus.  He said the need for provision of adequate and quality infrastructure as well as suitable living spaces for students can never be over emphasised.

“. Let us develop strategic partnerships and initiate Joint Ventures and Public-Private partnerships to improve and grow our institution,” he said.


President Mnangagwa said institutions of higher learning must provide an essential body of knowledge towards balancing exploitation of the country’s natural resources, environmental sustainability and economic development.


“The implementation of devolution and the development of provincial economies should compel institutions of higher learning and graduands alike to leverage on the various trade, investment and employment opportunities that will result there from,” he said.


The President urged the graduands to strive to become creators of wealth and employment and make a positive impact in the economy.

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