Quality Assurance & Academic Planning Unit

Welcome Note

Welcome to the Quality Assurance and Academic Planning Unit. The Unit is meant to assist the University in fulfilling its mission of providing quality education and training. In fulfilling this role, the Unit:

  • ensures the University’s compliance with appropriate standards set by regulatory bodies such as ZIMCHE.
  • monitors and ensures quality in the University’s operations.
  • ensures that performance standards set for all aspects of the University’s activities are appropriate and relevant.
  • monitors the implementation of Quality Assurance processes as per the set standards.
  • develops and periodically updates operational tools for internal Quality Assurance operations.
  • ensures the use of assessment instruments for the University’s operations.
  • ensures quality in student assessment procedures.
  • monitors implementation of recommendations arising from internal and external evaluations.
  • advises respective University units on Quality Assurance issues.
  • monitors the review of the University’s policy documents, and
  • updates the University on regional and international trends in Quality Assurance issues.


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