Robert Mugabe School of Education & Culture

Prof. R. Mugweni

Prof. R. Mugweni


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (UP),

Master of Education (M.Ed.) (UNC-Australia),

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (UZ),

Certificate in Education (E.C.) (UZ)

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Research interests

Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Gender Issues, Education Policy, Vulnerable Children, HIV and AIDS Issues, Parenting Issues


Dean’s Welcome Note


Welcome to the iconic Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture. The Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture’s vision is located within the University’s broader vision namely: to be the centre of excellence in arts, culture and heritage studies as well as the advancement of innovation and industrialization for the promotion of the National 2030 Vision as well as the global vision for the promotion of sustainable education. The Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture offers a curriculum that inculcates socio-cultural, scientific, technological, mathematical, and research skills responsive to the current needs of humanity.

The Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture has collaborative relationships with UNICEF-Zimbabwe, J. F. Kapnek Trust and other partners in countries such as South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, United States of America, Australia, Germany and Jamaica. The teaching is based on the most current research, some of which is done by our Lecturers and Postgraduate students. The Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture prepares educationists who operate from early childhood development level, primary school, secondary school, up to high school level. The School is committed to producing the best possible teachers who are innovative and able to think critically, undertake research and are passionate about teaching for Zimbabwe and the Diaspora.

Students entering study at any level – Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral find a competitive and supportive environment where they are engaged seriously and competently for them to excel as professionals globally. The School develops competent professionals. The School has four departments and two centres; namely, Adult and Continuing education, Curriculum Studies, Educational Foundations, Teacher development and the Jairos Jiri Centre for Special Needs Education and Teaching and Learning Centre.

The Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture is rated as one of the top Schools in the country. The Bachelor of Education, Master of Education and PhD students find their strengths in being externally examined by experienced personnel from leading universities. The School is nationally and internationally recognized for its academic reputation, with professors and lecturers having earned Doctoral Degrees from reputable institutions over the last few years. The Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture at Great Zimbabwe University is a place of first choice for prospective teachers and those with a passion for learning. We welcome you to the Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture.



The School’s vision is to become famous for the provision of innovative and high standards of teaching, learning, community service and research in education.


The School strives to be a national, regional and international leader in education and research as a strategy of solving life challenges.


Core Values

The School is guided by the need to promote efficient and excellent learning, teaching and community working environment to all its clients.

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