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The Division of Student Affairs kindly advises all conventional students that campus accommodation is very limited. As a result, boarding houses have been outsourced to minimise the challenge. Boarding house charges vary from $200.00 to $280.00 per head per semester depending on the services provided. Some of the provisions include Wifi, bed& mattress, generator, water reservoir, curtaining and care taker. Some boarding houses provide meals at $1.00 per meal. Students are therefore advised to choose where they wish to stay and start their booking for the coming semester. Please note that boarding house fee is payable only to the house owner. The payment method and procedure rests solely with the Landlord and the student. Kindly note that the University has no obligation to determine mode of payment.

Mrs Rumvura/Chapman 24 Protea Ave, Rhodene 0773903384
Mr Tumburai 14346 Bangala Ave, Rhodene 0772630977
Mrs Magwizi 9585 Cary St, Rhodene 0779906061
Mr Edwards Lundistar Ave, Rhodene 0771355394
Mrs Mukumba 7 Richards Ave, Rhodene 0772738442
Mrs Ormar 1 Rhus Ave, Rhodene 0783153592
Ms Ruvimbo/ Makobva 16611 Flametree Avenue , Rhodene 0775565567
Mr Chatikobo 10164 Mcghie Ave 0774100840
Mr Gavi 18 Ironwood Ave 0773907029
Mr Tafira 42 Mcghie Ave, Rhodene 0772684656
Mr Singadi Zimre Park 0712915502
Mrs Chishambwa 16983 Vunga St, Target Kopje 0779987936
Mrs Mutendi 7015 Vunga Street, Target Kopje 0772839813
Mr Madenga 7714 Nzare St, Target Kopje 0774034304


Ms J Chitando/Dhliwayo Tsambarafuta Crescent,2640  Kopje Street 0772963533
Mrs Tamirepi Target Kopje 0773274071
Mr Tanyanyiwa 6542 Batsire Cres 0772251463-0772544562
Mr Gavi 3899 Chesvingo Drive 0773907029
Mrs Chiwara 6479 Mboroma St, Mucheke D 0784346548
Mrs Bengewa 5640 Hambakubvu Cres, Mucheke C 0772650560
Mrs Manyange 2416/19 Nyaradzo Street Mucheke B 0772937033
Mr Tumburai 3936 Masimbaevanhu Street 0772630977
Mrs Mandava 1104 Dare St, Mucheke B 0733185490-0772661551
Mrs Mujakachi 6816 Maokomavi Street Yeukai 0775885865
Mrs Ndokwana 8984 Moyondizvo, Chesvingo 0775651127
Mrs Tagwirei 17007 Makasi St, Rujeko B 0773203647
Mrs Maisiri 2945/87 Mushandike Rd, Mucheke D 0772928436
Mrs Manyumwa 3954 Geneva St 0772668209
Mrs Chikopera 3182Muchecheni St, Mucheke 0775662409
Mrs Mandizvidza 6529 Batsire Cres 078348046
Mrs Watema/Chimwayange Runyaro West ,Gomba 0773441518
Mrs Dimingo 19802 Shozhowa St, Rujeko C 0772631639
Mrs Chiwara 22443 Mubvumaropa,Rujeko C 0733242805
Mrs Machuwaire 19960 Chiremwaremwa Street 0772263380
Mrs Mukumba 19352,Ingwe Drive, Rujeko 0772738442
Mrs Chuma 4831 Gwaivi St 0773294324
Mr Tanyanyiwa 6542 Mapfunde St, Rujeko C   07722551463
Mrs Musasa Rujeko C 0772386741
Mrs Geza 9842, 9843 Mbuzvambuzva St, Rujeko B 0773901875
Mrs Geza 19840 Shozhowa St, Rujeko C 0773901875
Mr Gambe 20733 & 20734, Muwoka St, Rujeko 0785072679
Mrs Manjonjo 4552 Hwiriti Close, Rujeko B 0784178017


Thank you


S Mudavanhu

GZU GETS RADIO LICENCE notices  Accommodation: Boarding Houses notices


Great Zimbabwe University on Friday, 22 May 2020, became the first Zimbabwean University to get a radio broadcasting license.

Call for Papers Call for Papers  Accommodation: Boarding Houses Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Theme: Education in a Covid-19 environment: Challenges and opportunities

Covid 19 Response Update Coronavirus5 690x375  Accommodation: Boarding Houses Coronavirus5 690x375

Covid 19 Response Update

As its response to the COVID-19 outbreak, GZU, through its Schools of Natural Sciences and
Education and Culture, is producing hand sanitizers and face masks.

COVID-19 Responses Coronavirus5 690x375  Accommodation: Boarding Houses Coronavirus5 690x375

COVID-19 Responses

As a response to the COVID-19 scourge, Great Zimbabwe University, through the Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture, has started production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PATENT FOR THE LOCAL PRODUCTION OF VEHICLE NUMBER PLATES notices  Accommodation: Boarding Houses notices


Members of staff and students are being challenged to come up with possible ideas that will inform the local production of the Number Plates.

[object object] Notice to students notices  Accommodation: Boarding Houses notices

Notice to students

The Division of Student Affairs is calling upon all social clubs, disciplines/ subjects based clubs, religious associations and societies to register with the division

International Conference on Science and Development Call For Papers Banner  Accommodation: Boarding Houses Call For Papers Banner

International Conference on Science and Development

Great Zimbabwe University will host an international conference on Science and development
with the theme “Catalysing science innovations to accelerate development”.

[object object] Latest Advertisement apply  Accommodation: Boarding Houses apply

Latest Advertisement

View our latest advertisement for information about programmes on offer.

Notice to students: Accommodation accommodation  Accommodation: Boarding Houses accommodation

Notice to students: Accommodation

The Division of Student Affairs wishes to advise all students to observe and adhere to the following check-in and check- out periods. Be reminded to follow the necessary procedures to avoid improper Check In-Check Out penalties

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