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Not every module will be on offer every semester.

Part I Semester I

Core modules

HEH   101   Introduction to the Study of Economic History

HEH  102   Imperialism and Development

HEH  103   Pre-colonial Economy of Zimbabwe

HEH  104   African Economic History

HEH  105   Indigenisation and Economic Development in Post Independent Africa

BHS 110 Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage

CSARM 101 Communication Skills

Part I Semester I

Core modules

HEH 106    Indigenous Knowledge Systems in African Economies

HEH 107    Globalisation and Sustainable Development

HEH  108    Theories in Economic History

HEH  109   China and Africa in the 21st Century

EF 105 Information Communication and Technology

Each student will have to choose either

BHS 101 Introduction to Zimbabwean History


BAC 101 African Philosophy and Thought

Part II Semester I

Optional modules            

HEH   201    Conflict, Peace and Development

HEH   202    Multilateral Institutions and Development in Africa

HEH   203    History of Labour, State and Capital in Africa

HEH   204    Pre-colonial Economy of West Africa

HEH   205    North Africa and the Middle East Economy since 1900

HEH   206    Socialist Economies of Eastern Europe since 1917

HEH   207    Demographic History of Africa

HEH   208   Pre-colonial Economy of East Africa

HEH   209   The International Economic System since 1918

HEH   210    Economic History of North America: Colonial Times to the Cold War

 Part II Semester II

Optional modules

HEH   211    New Industrialised Economies of Asia since 1945

HEH   212   Southern African Economies since the Mineral Revolution

HEH   213   Slave Trade and the World Economy

HEH   214   Research Methods in Economic History

HEH   215   Economic History of Western Europe, 16-19th Centuries

HEH   216   Colonial East African Economy

HEH   217   Economic History of Latin America and the Caribbean to Independence

HEH   218   Political Instability and African Development

HEH   219   Economic History of Zimbabwe since 1890

HEH   220   Themes in African Environmental History

PART III: Work-Related Learning   

HEH    301 Employer’s Assessment

HEH    302 Academic Supervisor’s Assessment

HEH    303 Work- Related Learner’s Report

 Part IV Semester I     

Core module

HEH      470 Research Project

Optional Module

HEH      401   Economic Dynamics of African Borderlands

HEH      402    History of Economic Thought

HEH      403    History of Mining in Zimbabwe since Colonial Times

HEH      404    Post Colonial East African Economies

HEH      405    Economic History of North America since the Cold War

HEH      406    African Regional Co-operation and Transformation

HEH      407    Western European Economic Development Since 1900

HEH      408    Economic History of West Africa Since 1800            

Part IV Semester II

Optional modules

HEH409    Climate Change and African Economies

HEH410    History of Manufacturing in Zimbabwe

HEH411    Emerging Economies of the World

HEH412    Economic History of Latin America and the Caribbean since Independence

HEH413    Africa in the 21st Century

HEH414    Modern Japanese Economic Development after 1945

HEH 415   Women in African Economic History

HEH416    Industrialisation and Urbanisation in Africa

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