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Simon Muzenda School Of Arts, Culture And Heritage Studies

Bachelor Of Arts Honours Degree In Archaeology, Museums and Heritage Studies

Level 1        Semester 1

BHS101         Introduction to Zimbabwean History

BHS110         Introduction to Zimbabwean Culture and Heritage

HMUS101      Introduction to Museum Studies

HMUS103      Records Keeping and Archivism

HARC101      Introduction to Archaeology

HARC102      Human Origins Studies

CSARM101    Communication Skills

Level 1        Semester 2

Core Modules

BAC101         African Philosophy and Thought

HMUS106      Museum Education

BHS111         Cultural Heritage and Environmental Impact Assessments

HARC105      Introduction to Archaeological Theory

EF105           Information Communication and Techniques

Optional courses

HMUS105      Introduction to Heritage Management

HMUS109      Collection Management

HARC107      Archaeology and Development

HARC108      Archaeological Methods

 Level 2        Semester 1

Core Modules

HMUS 201     Public Relations and Museums

HMUS205      Research Methods and Techniques

HARC202      Archaeological Surveying

HARC204      Conservation for Archaeologists

BHS202         Legislative Frameworks for the Protection of Cultural Property

Optional Modules

HARC206      Digital Methods in Archaeology

HMUS207      Collection Research

BHS203         Conservation and Management of Museum Collections

BHS204         Public Policy and Heritage Management in Zimbabwe

Level 2            Semester 2

Students are to take six modules.

BHS209         Ecotourism and Sustainable Development

HMUS211      Conservation and preservation of archives

HARC211      Advanced Archaeological Theory

HARC212      Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology

Optional Modules

BHS208         The Dry Stone Heritage of Southern Africa

BHS210         Preservation and Development of Ethnic Minority Cultures

HMUS209      Archaeological Laboratory Methods

 Level 3

Work-Related Learning

HAHM301      Academic Supervisor’s Assessment

HAHM302      Employer’s Assessment

HAHM303      Work Related Learning Report

Level 4        Semester 1

Core Modules

HMUS405      Museums and Community Engagement

HARC402      Forensic Archaeology

HARC403      Entrepreneurial Skills for the Heritage Industry

BHS401         Heritage Management and Sustainable Development

Optional Modules

HMUS403      Museum Communication

HMUS404      Tour Guidance

HARC407      Remote Sensing in Archaeology

HARC408      Rock Art of Africa

Level 4           Semester 2

 Core Modules

HMUS408      Museum and Site Interpretation

HMUS 410     Documenting Intangible Cultural heritage

HARC410      Archaeology of Great Zimbabwe

HARC411      Analytical Methods; Lithics and ceramics

BHS411         Approaches to Heritage Conservation

Optional Modules

HARC409      Contemporary Debates in Archaeology: Culture, Contact and Colonialism

HMUS412      Museums and Marketing

HMUS414      Politics of the Archaeological Past

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