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Munhumutapa School of Commerce


About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Banking and Finance.  The Banking and Finance department is the center of excellence in the academic and professional training and capacity building of practitioners in the field of finance, banking, risk management and insurance.  We offer five Honours undergraduate degree programmes namely the Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Banking and Finance, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Banking, Bachelor of Honours Degree in Finance, Bachelor of Honours Degree in Financial Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Risk Management and Insurance.  These degrees are also offered on part-time basis in Masvingo and Harare.  They are also available via weekend school if the class is viable.  The Department also offers Master of Commerce degree in Finance and Master of Commerce degree in Banking on a part-time basis.  It is our thrust to produce quality graduates who are fully trained to venture into entrepreneurial activities as well as competent players in the finance and banking industries.

Department Staff



Mr C. Chiromba

MSc  Finance and Investments [NUST, 2008]

B.Com Hons Banking [NUST,2000]

Research Interest

Responsible Investment, Portifolio optimization, Corporate governance


Ms J Mushonga

Bcom Honours Degree in Business Management [Reformed Church University] 2018
National Diploma in Secretarial [HEXCO] 2002
National Certificate in Secretarial [HEXCO] 1999




Dr W. Munyanyi

PhD in Business Management (University of Johannesburg)

MBA [MSU, 2010] BBS in Finance and Banking [UZ, 2003

Entrepreneurship, Small business Management, Supply chain Venture financing

Mr E. Matanda

MSc Finance & Investments

[NUST, 2008]

BSc Hons Economics [UZ,2003

Certificate in Education [Mathematics] [1998]

Micro finance,

Financial economics,

Development finance,

Investment banking

Dr T. Mashamba

PhD in Finance (UKNZ) 2018

MSc  Finance and Investments [NUST,2012]

B.Com Hons  Finance

[GZU, 2008]

Bank regulation,

Risk management,

Bank & treasury






Mr R. Magweva

MSc Finance and Investments [NUST, 2012]

B.Com Hons  Finance [GZU, 2008]


Doctor of Philosophy Finance [ University of KwaZulu Natal, 2020]


Executive Certificate in Financial Econometrics [University of Zimbabwe, 2014]

Stock markets


Behavioural finance,

Financial Economics

Mrs D.S. Bhiza

M.Com  in Business Economics [WITS,2011]

B.Com Hons  Finance

[NUST, 2004]


Financial inclusion,

Credit markets,

Corporate governance

Mr F.D.  Dzapasi

M.Com  Finance[GZU, 2012]

B.Com Hons  Finance

[GZU, 2008]

Investment banking,

Risk management,


Mr T. Mavaza

MSc  Banking and Financial Services [NUST,2012]

Bachelor of Business Studies Hons [UZ, 1997]

Financial regulation,

Money and capital


Corporate governance

Mr M.  Diza

M.Com  Finance [GZU, 2013]

B.Com Hons Finance



Financial engineering,

Financial modelling,



Corporate finance and investment analysis

Miss L.C. Gumbo

MSc Finance and Investment [NUST, 2012]

B.Com Hons Finance

[GZU, 2009]

Executive Diploma in Project Management, [2014]

Development Finance,

Structured Finance in


Mr L. Chakazamba

MBA [ZOU, 2008]

Diploma Institute of Bankers of Zimbabwe Associate IOBZ, [2000]

Credit risk management

Corporate governance

Payment systems

Mr H. Dube

M.Com  Finance [GZU, 2012]

MBA [ZOU,2007]

BA Economics[UNISA, 1999]

Risk management in


SMEs Development

Mr N. Marime

MBA [ZOU, 2011]

BSc  Statistics and Geography and Environmental Sciences [UZ, 2004]

B.Com Hons  Finance

[GZU, 2012]

Msc Finance and Investment [NUST, 2018]


Stock market dynamics,

Financial Inclusion

Mr D. Halimani

MSc  Banking and Financial Services [NUST, 2013]

B.Com Hons Finance [GZU, 2008]

Bachelor of Laws [[University of South Africa, 2019]

Bachelor of Laws [Unisa, 2019]

Corporate governance,

Financial regulation,

International finance

Mr Valentine Mutendi


MSc in Risk Management and Insurance [NUST, 2018]


BSc Hons [Mathematics and Statistics [UZ, 2011]


Special Honours in Statistics [UZ, 2012]

Risk modelling/ Analysis

Life and Health Insurance


Dr L.Chimwai

DPhil Management [Christ University, 2016]

M.Com Banking and Finance [MSU, 2018]

MBA [ZOU, 2007]

BSc Hons Economics [UZ, 1992] Small and Medium Enterprises, Risk Management, Development Finance and Behavioral Finance


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