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Munhumutapa School of Commerce


Graduate Business School

About the Graduate School

It is our contentment to welcome you to our studious community at the Great Zimbabwe University. Our Graduate Business School offers exceptional graduate programs of national and international standing. We are dedicated to creating an accommodating community for graduate students and to providing programs and resources that augment the eminence of graduate experience and prepare for the career. The superiority of graduate programs administered by the Graduate Business School is simulated in the acknowledgment received by its students and faculty. The synergy from awe-inspiring students, superlative teaching, creativity, and research comes together to turn out upcoming leaders and a first-rate educational experience for our graduates. Our undertaking is to offer an experience that supports brilliance in graduate education and student triumph while pledging a culture of veracity and a devotion to multiplicity in every bit of its forms. We offer master’s level programs intended at preparing the next cohort of scholars, researchers, practitioners, and leaders.

Graduate business students are an imperative part of the community of intellectuals, where members are dynamically betrothed in research.  We trust that edification allows us to redefine the potential and sanctions us to lead for the future.  To realize protracted sensation, business leaders and managers call for a long-drawn-out proficiency that crafts novel business ‘sculpts’. As a school we believe in exploring new-fangled business models relevant to the breathing economic challenges.

To that end, Great Zimbabwe University’s Graduate Business School is the first choice for professional success in business leadership.



Dr M. Mutsikiwa


PhD in Marketing Management [University of Pretoria, 2018], Master of Science in Marketing [NUST, 2018],

Master of Business Administration [ZOU, 2004], BPhil Honours in Marketing Management [IMM, 2017],

Bachelor of Science Education-Geography [Enrique Jose Varona, Cuba, 1992], Diploma in Personnel Management [IPMZ, 1994]



Ms J. Mudzikisi

National Diploma in Secretarial [HEXCO, 2013]

NC in Secretarial [HEXCO, 2008]

Diploma in Secretarial [College of Professional Management, 2005],

Certificate in Computers [Worldlinks, 2004]


Title and Name Qualifications E-mail address Research Interests
Dr S. K. Munongo

PhD Finance [UNISA, 2019]


MSc in Banking and Financial Services [NUST, 2012]


B.Com Honours in  Banking and Finance [MSU, 2007]

Development Finance


Digital Finance


Inclusive Finance

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