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Work Related Learning

Director’s Welcome Note

In an endeavour to produce a highly skilled and practically competent graduate, Great Zimbabwe University offers a Work Related Learning (WRL) component in all its Undergraduate programmes and other selected Bridging and Post Graduate programmes.

The Work Related Learning programme is founded on the concept of experiential learning as it seeks to uphold the principle of “learning by doing”. Its main focus is to expose students to real work situations so that they are able to not only integrate theory with practice but to develop the necessary repertoire of skills, behavior and attitude that are critical for their specific career paths.

The duration of the WRL component varies according to programmes with the work related learning period for Undergraduate degree programmes spanning over ten months. During this period, students are placed within reputable organizations in the public and private sector, non-governmental organizations and local authorities in which they are groomed under the tutelage of competent mentors.

Continuous assessment is effectively carried out throughout the duration of the period of attachment to monitor the practical performance of students and to determine whether the students are obtaining the practical skills that are relevant to the expectations of their degree programmes.

Great Zimbabwe University remains grateful towards the several stakeholders who continue to co-operate to make the conduct of Work Related Learning a success.

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Mr Mudzingwa, Director, Work Related Learning.




To facilitate the provision of quality work related learning opportunities for students in order to develop the appropriate skills, behaviour and attitudes as well as a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship.


To work with organisations and communities to nurture student talent within the context of real work environment.


Core Values





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