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Great Zimbabwe University Alumni Connect Plus

Upon graduation, you automatically become an alumnus of the Great Zimbabwe University and a member of our alumni community, joining members in over 190 countries across the globe.

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Our Mission

To advocate a life-long relationship between Great Zimbabwe University and its alumni.





Our Vision

Great Zimbabwe University Alumni Connect Plus aspires to be the primary link within the development and innovation of Great Zimbabwe University, across the globe with great commitment to the University’s life-time mission to be the centre of excellence.

Our Objectives


The purpose of Great Zimbabwe Alumni Connect Plus is to foster a spirit of belonging,promoting the general welfare and strengthening the ties between alumni and its stakeholders.

To foster and encourage close relations between the University and its alumni

To appreciate alumni members in the interests of the University.

To reclaim and preserve our African culture and heritage.

To conduct welfare activities and projects for the benefit of the University stakeholders.

To promote social responsibility.


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Works Gezani

Station Manager, Hevoi FM

Great Zimbabwe University is more than an academic institution.It is a family which values our rich culture and heritage, and caters for every Zimbabwean, whether Karanga, Ndebele, Mutsonga or Venda. At GZU we believe in unity and diversity. As for I , Works Gezani coming from remote Sengwe communal lands in Chiredzi, I was empowered and today I am proud to say I was there at GZU and it changed my life forever.

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Dr. Herbert Zirima

Lecturer, GZU

I take this opportunity to invite you to join the Great Zimbabwe University Alumni Connect Plus which is a community of GZU former students scattered all over the globe. This alumni connect programme seeks to support a network of former graduates and as such by joining the connect plus programme you are guaranteed of vast opportunities to link with former students in various sectors of the economy. Our alumni programs are open to all graduates and offer a broader networking scope. If you are heading to graduation in a couple of months or have just finished your degree, joining the alumni connect programme is a good way to get a foot (or three) in the door.

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Roseline Mutare

Presenter and Sales and Marketing Executive,Hevoi FM

Great Zimbabwe University is an institution of higher learning which encourages learning and diversity and nurtures talent in all aspects. It is a place where one has an opportunity to achieve their dreams as there is a strong support network in form of teaching and non teaching staff who are very encouraging and this creates an enabling environment for both academic and personal growth. With comfortable accomodation, GZU is a home away from home


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Lucia Gunguwo

Do you want reinforcement of  dignity and self-confidence as an  African, then come to Great Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 University.
Thanks to this profound institution.  Iam now a great champion of the development of my nation. As a person who holds senior management roles i have learnt how to encourage others to excell to greaterness. Scaffolding others and push their potential,  all thanks to Great Zimbabwe and my Professors and Drs who taught me meaningful theories that changed my life. Now iam careful on the environment that I create for my children fully understanding that children also learn from the environment that surrounds them. I learnt how to deal with my own stress and be able to move forward in life despite any challenge.
😍 [object object] Alum 1f60dMy last request to Dr Madzanire when I finished my Post Graduate Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education was ” CAN I PLEASE COME BACK AND LEARN MORE ABOUT *SOCIOLOGY*”🥰
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Munashe Mandaza

Human Resources Assistant ,The Watchman Security Services

Great Zimbabwe University is really a university of choice that one needs to be part and parcel of. I joined the university in 2016 partaking my degree in BSc Hons Human Resources Management.To me,it was more like a home.The university have got a culture that accomodates every individual regardless of race and nationality.Its staff works deligently to meet the expectations of the institution regarding the quality of product they deliver as well as timely delivery.I delightfully recommend to everyone who wishes to join the institution.


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Kudakwashe Muzenda

DBN Attorneys

From Masvingo to the World best sums up my journey with Great Zimbabwe University. As a beneficiary of student initiatives created by the University it is my desire to find ways of giving back to the University in every way possible. The Alumni Association presents a great opportunity to network with like minded individuals and colleagues from our Great University. As products of a University whose niche area is Heritage and Ubuntu we surely must never forget where we have come from.



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