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Gary Magadzire School Of Agriculture And Natural Sciences

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Dean: Dr. E. Chikodza

Dean’s Welcome Note


Welcome to the Gary Magadzire School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences located at the University’s Main Campus.  It derives its inspiration from Gary Magadzire who was the first president of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union and an agriculturalist in nature. Science and Agriculture have always been integral components of the Zimbabwean culture as evidenced by the sophisticated architectural designs and economic system which sustained the communities that resided at and around the Great Zimbabwe Monuments. It is now public knowledge that Zimbabwe’s entire Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) drive is currently in the midst of extensive revitalisation, spearheaded by, among other things, the government-engineered ZIMASSET economic blueprint. For this reason, the school strives to be acclaimed globally as the provider of high quality training, research, information consultancy and extension services in agriculture and the basic sciences. To this end, one of the central goals of the School is to enhance the quality, quantum and socio-economic relevance of the University’s research output.  The School consist of four departments, namely the Department of Physics, Geography and Environmental Science; Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences; Department of Livestock, Wildlife and Fisheries, and Department of Soil and Plant Science.  Several undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, from which prospective students can choose, are on offer in the School. The School also extends its educational facilities to the Chiredzi farmers who receive lectures about how to leverage their resources in order to increase their sugarcane yields and improve the quality of the same. The Biogas Project and the SADC Food Garden Project are some of the lecturers’ research initiatives that have impacted positively on local communities.



To be a world class School in research, innovative teaching and training and community service.


The School strives to produce a graduate who is innovative through quality teaching, training and research. The School also endeavors to meet national and global challenges through technologically based research for solving real life problems.

Core Values

Team work



School Staff

Dr. E. Chikodza  School Of Agriculture And Natural Sciences Home Dr Chikodza

Dr. E. Chikodza


DPhil (Mathematics)[UZ, 2011],

Msc (Mathematics) [UZ,2004],

Bsc Hons. (Mathematics) [UZ, 1996],

Licentiate in Education (Mathematics) [Enrique Jose Varona, Cuba, 1996]

Email address:

Research Interests

Stochastic Analysis; Mathematics of Finance; Uncertainty Theory


DEPUTY DEAN- Mrs. R. Gwazani

MSc. (Fisheries Management) [Frostburg S. U., 1991],

BSc. Agric (Crop Science) [UZ, 1984]

Email address:

Research Interests

Fish Nutrition; Fish Biology; Aquaculture




Bsc (Socilogy) [GZU,2015], HND(Secretarial Studies) [HEXCO, 2008]

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