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What Drives Great Zimbabwe University


To be the centre of excellence in arts, culture and heritage studies as well as the advancement of other academic disciplines for the promotion of the development of society.


In order to support the vision, we shall:

  • Reclaim and preserve our African culture and heritage;
  • Mainstream Arts, Culture And Heritage in our teaching and research;
  •  Lead in the development of entrepreneurs and professionals in the creative industry;
  • Provide our stakeholders with an enabling environment for research and empower them with entrepreneurial skills;
  • Produce versatile graduates equipped with skills and competencies relevant to the needs of society;
  • Attract and retain highly competent staff,
  • Use ICT-based solutions in teaching, learning, research, administration and innovation, and;
  • Uplift communities we serve through our involvement in their development.

Core Values

•    Unhu/Ubuntu
•    Excellence
•    Integrity
•    Results Focus
•    Quality

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