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Dean Of Students Welcome Note

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Mr O. Simbo:   Dean of Students


On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Great Zimbabwe University, your school, your campus and your home for the next semesters to come. Welcome to the new students and welcome back to the returning students. I trust you all had an enjoyable and productive rest and are eager to begin classes. It is time to re-connect and welcome each other back to the GZU community. Make sure to catch up with old friends and take time to greet those who are new. The Division of Student Affairs is ready to support you in your pursuit of a healthy and productive learning experience ahead of you.

The schools, staff and administrators here will work with you to build a community of learners and create an environment that promotes leadership, values diversity and respect for others, and fosters learning both in and out of the classroom Your success matters to us, and we are here to help guide and direct you to your ultimate educational and career goals. We provide an array of services which will help you succeed.

As The Division of Student Affairs, we are committed to the holistic development of our students through delivery of innovative programs and services which are responsive to the needs of students. We address emerging issues and foster community-building. Student Affairs is there to support the academic mission of the University by enhancing student living and learning beyond the classroom that prepares you to function effectively in a scientific, technological, and diverse world. Working in partnership with other members of the University community, Student Affairs provides a rich array of programs and services that add considerable value to the outstanding learning experience stemming from the classroom. A key ingredient to your success as a student at GZU is to become active in your education

We encourage all of our students to become involved, by joining a student organization, taking on a leadership role, working closely with others both in and out of the classroom, community engagement as well as participating in sports and recreational activities. You will find that any of these activities can contribute to both intellectual and personal growth and prepare you for your future endeavors.

The Division of Student Affairs offers the following services:

I encourage you to access all our services and ask any one of our professional staff to assist you with your educational endeavors. I congratulate you for choosing such a wonderful educational institution. GZU is where success begins!

Please become familiar with these important items:

  • The GZU Website has information on services and programs designed to help you define and achieve your goals at Great Zimbabwe University.
  • Your Student Portal where important information will be sent through this platform.
  • The University’s Mission, Vision and Core Values which are the foundation for our existence as an institution of higher learning. At all times, let’s honor our values and treat each other with civility, respect, and care.
  • Integrity is a key ingredient to realizing our individual and collective goals.  We all have a responsibility to positively represent ourselves and our university. Embracing the highest ideals of collective and individual responsibility, inside and outside of the classroom which is an essential component to personal success.
  • GZU takes violations of its Ordinances very seriously so please adhere to them.

Everyone at GZU is expected to be a valuable and productive member of the community. As a student you will be asked to balance your academic responsibilities with your social, family, and personal activities, as well as all other aspects of an adult life. Notice how you spend your time studying, working, spending time with friends and family. Make sure that you commit time each day to enrich yourself, nourish your soul, and recharge your body and mind.

To our International students I say, reach out, as difficult as this is when you are in a strange place where everything seems, really strange. Ask questions about how things work here; don’t be afraid to show you don’t know; make the effort to make real friends with students from Zimbabwe and other countries as well. Zimbabwean students, I say the same: step outside your national borders and welcome your fellow students from around the world. Don’t just say “hi,” spend time with them. Ask how things are done in their countries. Find out about their lives, their ideas, what matters to them, you never know, one day you may find yourself  abroad,  conducting  international research, performing overseas, or engaging in public service around the world. It will be challenging. It will change your life.

Finally, throughout the year you will need to enlist help or support in any number of ways. Be sure to use the many resources and services for you to succeed here at GZU. Seek out those that are here to assist you in meeting your goals and responsibilities: the GZU schools, staff and

administrators and your friends and family. We encourage you to set your goals and to remain focused. Best wishes for a successful, productive, enjoyable, and safe semester.

God Bless you all!!!


Student Affairs Vision

To provide an excellent student-centred campus environment.


The Student Affairs Division’s mission is to provide students with a wide range of support services in order to facilitate their personal and educational growth and development.


Core Values

The values that guide the Division of Student Affairs are:
• The belief that education is holistic and includes academic, social, emotional and cultural dimensions.
• The commitment to acknowledging, valuing and celebrating a diverse multicultural student population.
• The commitment to intentional and directed responsibility.
• The removal of the barriers to students’ academic and personal achievements.
• The enhancement of decision-making skills.
• The development of ethical values.
• The commitment to collaborate with a broad array of campus units and creating support for the values.


Guiding Principles

The principles that guide our office are that:
• Engaging students in active learning. Active learning invites students to bring their own and others’ perspectives as they expand their view points and apply new understanding to their own lives.
• Helping students develop coherent values and ethical standards, that is the provision of opportunities for students, staff and educators to demonstrate the values that define a learning community, a community committed to justice, honesty, equality, civility, freedom, dignity and responsible citizenship.
• Setting and communicating high expectations for student learning. This is enhanced by appropriate students’ capabilities and aspirations, and consistent with the institution’s mission, vision and values.
• Using systematic inquiry to improve student and institutional performance. Student Affairs Practitioners are skilled in using assessment methods to acquire high quality information and effective application to enhance students’ living-learning-environment.
• Using resources effectively to achieve institutional mission and goals.
• Forging educational partnership that advance students learning. Partnership with all sectors within and immediately outside the institution are established to promote not only life long learning but also learning for life. These partnerships include students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, employers, social services agencies, primary and secondary education, government agencies, and local, national, regional and global communities.
• Building supportive and inclusive communities, student learning occurs best in communities that value diversity, promote social responsibility, encourage, discussion and debate, recognize accomplishments and foster a sense of belonging

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