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Herbert Chitepo School of Law & Business Sciences


Dean’s Welcome Note


Welcome to the Herbert Chitepo School of Law and Business Sciences​.  The School draws its inspiration from the University niche of Culture and Heritage.  In view of this, all programmes in the school have modules and/ or topics in the respective subject areas that have an emphasis on the following ethno-commercial activities:

  • Trade and Commerce in African traditional societies and cultures from the Munhumutapa period to the emerging of colonial rule.
  • Transition from pre-colonial to colonial rule
  • Post colonialism trade and commerce in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular.

The core modules also infuse topical issues of trade and commerce in a global context.

Herbert Chitepo School of Law and Business Sciences boasts of collaborative relationships with other business schools around the world.  It was the first Zimbabwean Business School to be a member of CEEMAN – International Management Development Association, with more than 210 institutional members from countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Herbert Chitepo School of Law and Business Sciences is the only institution in Zimbabwe which boasts membership of AACSB (Association for Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business), an association with over 775 institutional members from countries from all over the world.

Locally the School is also proud to be associated with professional associations such as ACCA, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ), Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA).

The School has a collaborative arrangement with ICSA in a programme: Masters in Professional Accountancy and Corporate Governance where students automatically attain Graduate Status of ICSA upon completion of the programme.

The Schools administrative staff and six departmental units: Accounting and Information Systems, Banking and Finance, Economics, Management Studies, Law School, Bernard Chidzero Graduate School of Business and School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture wish to be associated with all viewers one way or another.  You are all welcome.


The Munhumutapa School of Commerce’s vision is to provide a professional and cultural environment that stimulates the highest standards of excellence in modern management sciences.


The Munhumutapa School of Commerce aspires to lead in management education, research, performance creativity, entrepreneurship and technology as strategies to solve real life commercial challenges through reclamation and preservation of our culture and heritage.


The School is guided by the following core values:








School Staff

Dr C. Chidoko  School Of Commerce Home Dr Clainos Chidoko2 scaled

Dr C. Chidoko


DPhil Economics [UZ,2021], MSc Economics [UZ, 2006], BSc [Hons] Economics [UZ, 2003]

PGDHTE [GZU, 2016]

DipEd [HTC, 1996]


Research Interests

International Trade, Economics of Regional integration and Emerging Issues, Industrialization of the developing world

Mr V. Nkiwane

Deputy Dean

LLB Hons. (University Zimbabwe)
Master of Laws
(UW, UK)




Mrs R. Zanamwe

MSc in Media and Society Studies [MSU, 2011]

PGD in Media and Society Studies [MSU, 2008]

  B.A. English and Communication Studies [ZOU, 2003]



Ms J. Matingwena

MSc in Human Resources Management (MSU) 2014,

BSc Hons Human Resources Management (GZU) 2012,

Diplom in Adult and Continuing Education (GZU) 2009,

HND in Office Management (Masvingo Polytechnic) 2005


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