Normal Entry

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or recognised Equivalent with a minimum of a 2.2 degree class

Special Entry
Bachelor of Education Degree in a relevant subject area.



Part IV Semester I
Students should do at least 6 modules:
HCS401    Object Oriented Programming I
HCS403    Computer Graphics
HCS406    Simulation and Modelling
HCS408    Advanced Databases  HCS 210
HCS416    Digital Signal Processing
HCS417    Decision Support Systems
HCS402    Software Engineering
HCS40      Internet and Web Designing


Part IV Semester II
Students should do at least 6 modules:
HCS414            Object Oriented Programming II
HCS409            Artificial Intelligence
HCS410            Computer Security
HCS460            Research Project     HCS 202
HCS411            Decision Support Systems    HCS 309
HCS407            Software Project Management HCS 302
HCS405            Expert Systems
HCS412            Advanced Computer Networks
HCS413            Comparative Programming Languages

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