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Simon Muzenda School Of Arts and Heritage Studies


Centre For Culture and Heritage Studies

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Dr. T.P. Thondhlana

Acting Director’s Welcome Note 


Welcome to the Centre for Culture and Heritage Studies (CCHS) which currently operates from the Great Zimbabwe University’s Mashava Campus. The CCHS is a non-teaching, research and support unit of the Robert Mugabe School of  Humanities and Education. This Centre solely focuses on research and outreach activities that promote the University’s niche area of culture and heritage. Established in January 2010, initially as the Institute of Culture and Heritage Studies (ICHS), the Centre prioritises research, training and outreach activities in areas of arts, culture and heritage. The Centre is currently responsible for spearheading culture and heritage activities, programmes and research projects in line with the University’s mandate. The Centre also organizes exhibitions, seminars and workshops, conducts research and consultancy work, and produces publications to raise awareness of the need for heritage preservation and cultural reclamation, and to influence cultural policy issues and to keep the public informed about the importance of creative industries.


To be an outstanding centre in the areas of culture, heritage and creative arts through quality research, awareness campaigns, community engagement and collaborative efforts.


In order to realise this vision, we shall:
a. Collaborate with other stakeholders (research institutions, government and non-governmental organisations) in the reclamation and preservation of African arts, culture and heritage
b. Build links between academic researchers, professional bodies/societies and local communities in the areas of arts, culture and heritage
c. Develop outreach activities and programmes aimed at promoting arts, culture and heritage issues
d. Develop and establish activities for young people to learn about arts, culture and heritage
e. Create and host public events that bring together creative artists, heritage professionals and culture experts
f. Help local communities to safeguard their arts, cultural and heritage assets by providing professional training and technical assistance
g. Encourage Zimbabwean people in particular and African people in general to preserve and promote their indigenous knowledge systems, cultural and natural heritage, through cultural villages or centres and community museums
h. Assist in collecting, documenting, celebrating and preserving the arts, indigenous cultural practices and heritage for future generations
i. Mobilise material and financial resources for the arts, culture and heritage programmes
j. Promote research into the arts, culture and heritage issues
k. Host quality arts, cultural and heritage programs and activities which include exhibitions, festivals, performances, training, seminars and guest lectures series
l. Improve livelihoods of people in rural areas through cultural initiatives
m. Promote and revitalise creative industries and cultural products through capacity building of artists and marketing of their products to national, regional and global markets.

Core Values








Centre Staff

Dr. T.P. Thondhlana  Centre For Culture and Heritage Studies gzu todhlana

Dr. T.P. Thondhlana

Acting Director

PhD (Archaeology) [UCL, 2013]

MSc (Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials) [UL, 2007],

BA Special Hons (Archaeology) [UZ, 2005], BA [UZ, 2004]

Email address:

Research Interests:

Archaeometallurgy, Pre-colonial Mining and Extractive Metallury Archaeological Science, Applied Archaeology, Anthropology of Technology, Cultural Entrepreneurship and Economics

SECRETARY – Mrs.  Z. Phiri

ND (Secretarial Studies) [Masvingo Polytechnic, 1995],

NC (Secretarial Studies) [Masvingo Polytechnic, 1993]

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Contact Details

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Prof. D. Munjeri


PhD (International Relations & Diplomacy) Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stategiques, Paris, France (Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies). (2010)

Post-graduate Diploma Information Systems and Librarianship, University of Wales (Aberystwyth) Wales, United Kingdom. (1981)

Bachelor of Arts Honours History, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe. (1973)

Integration of international standard-setting instruments (Conventions) on culture, cultural and natural heritage into institutional and national curricula; linkage between culture and sustainable development; community involvement in protection and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage.




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