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 Modules to be Offered:

 Not all modules will be on offer every semester.

Part IV

Students shall be required to study a minimum of twelve (12) modules including a research project.

 Semester I


HGGES432             Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Science

HGGES433             Statistical Methods in Geography and Environmental Science

HGGES445             Natural Hazards and Disaster Management

HGGES461             Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

Students should choose 2 modules from the following options:


HGGES424              Population and Sustainable Development

HGGES427              Environmental Policy and Management

HGGES429              Transport Geography

HGGES430              Political Geography

HGGES431              Rural Development Geography

HGGES435              Biogeography

HGGES438              Geography of Zimbabwe

HGGES440              Environmental Health and Safety

HGGES442              Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

HGGES443              Agriculture and the Environment

HGGES453              Applied Geographic Information Systems

HGGES455              Gender and Development

HGGES456              Rangeland Management

HGGES457              Climate Change

HGGES458              Geography of Monstrosity

HGGES459              Industrial Geography

HGGES460              Energy and the Environment

HGGES462              Tropical Geomorphology

Semester II


HGGES436             Geography of Tourism and Recreation

HGGES437             Mining and the Environment

HGGES444             Spatial Analysis

HGGES450              Environmental Impact Assessment

Students should choose 2 modules from the following options:


HGGES421              Environmental Education

HGGES422              Geographical Thought

HGGES423              Meteorology and Climatology

HGGES425              Cultural Geography

HGGES426              Soil Geography

HGGES428              Resource Management

HGGES434              Hydrology

HGGES439              Geography of Central and Southern Africa

HGGES441              Environmental Pollution

HGGES446              Urban Geography

HGGES447              Medical Geography

HGGES448              Water Resources Management

HGGES449              Applied Geomorphology

HGGES451              Regional Development Planning

HGGES452              Ecosystems

HGGES454              Applied Remote Sensing

HGGES470              Research Project



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