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Located in the Central Business District of Masvingo, the Herbert Chitepo Law School is named after an eminent nationalist, Advocate Herbert Pfumaindini Chitepo, who led the liberation war from Zambia and the first black lawyer in Zimbabwe.  Advocate Chitepo was also the first black lawyer to be admitted as a barrister in England and the first Attorney-General of an independent Tanzania.

The Herbert Chitepo Law School offers state of the art teaching and learning facilities. Besides a unique and stunning Moot Court theatre, the School has lecture rooms that are adorned with air conditioners, chalk-less white boards and projector screens.  Students at the School have access to wifi.

Graduates from the Herbert Chitepo Law School are expected to uphold the basic principles of human justice, democracy and rule of law which Advocate Chitepo stood for. The name of the school, Herbert Chitepo Law School, is expected to help the graduates to foster the sense of responsibility to national good and social equality in the country. It is hoped that every graduate will leave the Herbert Chitepo Law School pumped up with the nationalist spirit; commitment to the development of Zimbabwe and Patriotism.The School has the smallest enrolment within the University and this is a requirement by our parent board to ensure quality and fully baked lawyers.


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