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 Parent Minister Visits Great Zimbabwe University


The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Technology Development Prof Amon Murwira visited Great Zimbabwe University yesterday together with a delegation from his Ministry.

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Hon Prof Murwira, a Geography guru in his interface with the University expressed his humble honour of being appointed as Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology development and said he sincerely has a duty to serve others. Prof Murwira stated that his motto is, “High Moral, High Productivity.” because absence of it leads to slavery. He emphasized the need for Universities to practise, Honesty, Humility, Patriotism and Productivity. He said Universities must take up their roles in Economic Growth and Economic Prosperity through research and coming up with tangible solutions which can be implemented on the ground. Universities were urged to partner with Companies in order to grow the economy. He stated that Operation Restore Legacy is about Productivity. The Honourable Minister highlighted that the there would be non-interference with Academic Freedom from his Ministry but due respect to Academia and that the Ministry would be there to support where need be and sort out crisis where they prevail.

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In his address the Minister highlighted the importance of the student as the key stakeholder to tertiary institutions and there is need to ascertain that fees are affordable. The Ministry he stated,is in the process of liaising with financial institutions to ascertain that parents and guardians have access to financial loans which can aid them to pay fees. In line with that he emphasized that fees also need to be paid since all institutions need capital for them to operate. Hon Prof Murwira stated that, “the new dispensation demands cooperation between the Ministry and Tertiary Institutions in order to attain growth.” He said in that regard, the Ministry will set up a National Productivity Institute and a National Space Agency. “The Ministry looks forward to introducing cutting edge technology without any apologies.” He also stated that, “a programmatic approach to everything will be taken and productivity is going to increase because scarcity of anything leads to quarrelling.”

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In his closing remarks with the University, the Minister gave tribute to the Vice Chancellor of Great Zimbabwe University, Prof Rungano Jonas Zvobgo and his team for the phenomenal growth of the University in terms of both infrastructural development and enrolment. He applauded the University for enrolling foreign students and he urged the University to attract as many foreign students as possible as it is good investment. The visit concluded with an amicable tour of the campuses.

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