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Gary Magadzire School Of Agriculture And Natural Sciences

Department of Soil and Plant Science

About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Livestock, Wildlife and Fisheries in the Gary Magadzire School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences. The Department focuses on the importance of the livestock industry in the agriculture sector. The Department offers Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Agriculture with specialization in Livestock Production or Wildlife Management or Fisheries Management. These programmes are meant to equip students with knowledge necessary for the development of the livestock industry in the country.

Department Staff

CHAIRPERSON – Dr. M. Mubvuma

PhD (Agriculture: Agronomy) (Univen 2018)

MSc  (Agricultural Meteorology) [UZ ,2007])

-BSc  Hons  (Crop Production and Horticulture) [MSU, 2004]

Research interests

 crop physiology ,meteorology and climate change in agriculture


– BSc General (Agriculture)[ZOU,2008], Diplo (Agriculture) [Esigondini,2000]Email address :


  • BSc Honours Degree in Animal Science
  • BSc Honours Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation


  • MPhil Degree in Agriculture,
  • DPhil in Agriculture





Research Interests

Dr. M. Mubvuma

+263 772886943

+263 715166031

PhD (Agriculture: Agronomy) (Univen 2018)

MSc  (Agricultural Meteorology) [UZ ,2007])

-BSc  Hons  (Crop Production and Horticulture) [MSU, 2004]


-crop physiology

– meteorology and climate change in agriculture


Prof. M. D. Shoko

+263 715737561

-PhD (Agriculture) [Stellenbosch, 2009]

-MSc (Crop Production) [Africa University, 2005]

-BSc  (Agricultural Management) [UZ, 2002]

-Post-grad Dipl (Education), [UZ, 1993]

-Dipl (Agriculture) [Esigodini Agricultural College, 1990]






-Sugarcane agronomy and technology

-Fertilizer Management and Plant Nutrition

-Soil productivity


Dr. T. Maravanyika

+263 777657700

MBA (Majoring in Finance)

PhD (Agricultural Extesion), Wageningen University, the Netherlands

MSc Management of Agriculture Knowledge and Information Systems, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

BSc, Agricultural Honours (Majoring in Agricultural Economics)


Participatory Rural Development

Agribusiness Management

Agricultural value addition and processing

Co-management of Natural Resources


Dr. Nyamusamba

+263 775741997

PhD in Agronomy with a minor in Statistics, South Dakota State University, USA

MSc in Plant Science from South Dakota State University, USA.

BSc in Agriculture (with an Agribusiness specialty) from Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe.




My passion lies in development and being a voice for the seemingly voiceless. It is this passion that drove my desire for research. During my graduate studies and now that I am working, I realize that the developing communities need a holistic approach in solving the food system challenges. My research and professional background is strongly rooted in Agronomy and Physiology of field crops focusing on Sustainable Crop Production and Weed Science. I am currently working on integration of livestock in cropping systems for both commercial and small-scale farmers.

 Mr. K. Nyoni

Email address-

+263 775087075

MSc (Integrated Water Resources Management) [UZ,2007], BSc Hons (Agricultural Engineering) [UZ, 2001]


Water resources management, irrigation agronomy, dryland agriculture

Mr. K. Makaza

+263 773 204 291

-MSc (Agronomy) [UNZA,  2003]

-BSc  Hons  (Agriculture) [UZ, 1991]

-Grad Cert (Education) [UZ, 1998]


Crop protection

-small grains agronomy, utilization and marketing


 Mr. Chidoko

+263 773001568

BSc Agronomy (MSU), 2009

MSc Plant Breeding (UZ), 2012


Genetic improvement of crops for biotic and abiotic stresses

Crop modelling

Mr. Manyanga

+263 772767329

MSc Soil Science and Environmental Management (UZ, 2010)

BSc Agriculture Honours  (Soil Science) (UZ, 2010)


Climate change  adaptation, Soil fertility and soil water management and Rainwater harvesting techniques.


Mr. S. Mkwamba

Email address :

+263 772 587 613

NC (Science and Technology) [HEXCO, 1996]

Technical assistant

Soil and plant sciences

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