Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Economics and Finance


Part I Semester I

Code               Module Description
EC 101             Microeconomics I
EC 102             Economics Statistics
CSCM 101        Business Communication
FIN 101            Corporate Finance I
MM102             Principles of Management
AC101             Financial Accounting IA
BAC 101          African Philosophy and Thought

Part I Semester II
EC 103            Macroeconomics I
EC 104            Agriculture Economics
EC 105            Mathematics for Economists
IS101              Introduction to Computer and Computer Applications
FIN104            Corporate Finance II
AC103            Financial Accounting IB
BHS 110         Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage

Part II Semester I
Code               Module Description
EC 201             Microeconomics II
EC 202             Managerial Economics
EC 203             Quantitative Methods
EC 204             International Trade Theory and Policy
BAN202            Bank Financial Management
FIN 203            Treasury Management I

Part II Semester II
EC 206             Macroeconomics II
EC 207             Monetary Economics
EC 209             Applied Statistics
EC 210             Economics Research Methods
FIN204             International Finance
FIN206             Treasury Management II

Part II
Code               Module Description
EC 301            Work-Related Learning Report
EC 302            Continuous Work-Related Assessment

Part IV Semester I
Code             Module Description
EC414            Microeconomics III
EC 403           Econometrics
EC 404           Public Finance
EC 407           International Economics
FIN 402          Corporate Financial Operations
FIN 405          Portfolio Management
EC 413           Research Project

Part IV Semester II
EC419              Macroeconomics III
EC 410             Industrial Economics
EC 412             Labour Economics
FIN 406            Financial Strategies
FIN 409            Financial Innovation and Structural Finance
EC 413             Research Project

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