Munhumutapa School Of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Information Systems


Level I Semester I

ICCT100                          Introduction to Computers and Computer Applications

IS102                               Information Systems

IS105                               Introduction to Programming

CSCM101                        Business Communication

AC108                             Accounting Concepts and Principles

MM102                            Principles of Management

BAC101                           African philosophy and thought

Level I Semester II

IS106                               Fundamentals of Computer Architecture

IS109                               Web Programming

IS103                               Software Engineering

IS104                               Systems Analysis and Design

AC109                             Introduction to Financial Accounting

BHS110                           Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage

IS108                               Digital and Logic Design

Level II Semester I

IS201                               Operating systems

IS210                               Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

IS212                               Data Structures and Algorithms

IS211                               Introduction to LINUX Administration

IS202                               Data Communications and Computer network

IS213                               Database Design Concepts

Level II Semester II

IS205                               Simulation and Modelling

IS206                               Practical Project

IS214                               Object Oriented Programming

IS215                               Information Systems Auditing

IS204                               Visual Programming

IS216                               Information Technology Governance

Level III

IS301                               Work Related Learning Reports

IS302                               Continuous work related assessment

Level IV Semester I

IS410                               Decision Support Systems

IS407                               Computer Graphics

IS406                               Management Information Systems

IS409                               Advanced Database Technology

IS405                               Expert systems

IS412                               Advanced Data Communication and networks

IS404                               Research Project

Level IV Semester II

IS402                               Software Project Management

IS408                               Computer security

IS403                               Artificial Intelligence

IS413                               Electronic Commerce Strategies

IS411                               Distributed Systems

IS404                               Research Project

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