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Munhumutapa School of Commerce


Department of Accounting and Information Systems


About the Department

Welcome to the department of Accounting and Information systems. The department now runs three (3) programmes: Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Information Systems, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Internal Auditing after starting with one (1) programme in 2005. The department offers Master of Commerce Degrees in Applied Accounting, Professional Accounting and Corporate Governance and Information System. The department demerged from the former department of Accounting and Finance in 2005.

The department strives to remain current. In that regard, it has entered collaborative arrangements with professional bodies. The Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Accounting is accredited by ACCA. The department runs a Bachelor of Commerce Special Honours Degree in Accounting in collaboration with Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe (ICSAZ). In addition, the Department offers a collaborative M.Com in Professional Accounting and Corporate Governance/Grad ICSAZ with ICSAZ.

Department Staff


Mr B. Mutembwa

MBA [MSU, 2006] BSc Hons Economics [UZ, 1994], Associate CIS, BCompt Hons [Unisa, 2016], BCompt [Unisa, 2014]


Research Interests

Directors remuneration, Sustainability reporting and Application of ICTs in Accounting



Ms F.P. Dzingira

HND in Office Management [HEXCO, 2015], ND in Office Management [HEXCO, 2013], NC in Office Management [EXCO, 2010]



Ms J. Mudzikisi

National Diploma in Secretarial [HEXCO, 2013] NC in Secretarial [HEXCO, 2008] Diploma in Secretarial [College of Professional Management, 2005], Certificate in Computers [Worldlinks, 2004]








Prof  S. Mago

DPhil Social Science in Development Studies [Fort Hare, 2011] MBA [ZOU, 2004]

BSC Hons Degree Economics [UZ, 1991]

Development Finance,

Social Entrepreneurship,

Corporate Governance,

Business Management, Research Methodology Issues

Dr S. Dzomira

DBA in Acc [Aldersgate University, 2015]

DBA with a major in Acc [AIU, 2013]  Hawaii

M.Com Acc [MSU,2010]

B.Com Hons Acc [MSU, 2005]

Certified Public Accountant,

Registered and Practicing Public Accountant

Certified Tax Accountant

 Public  sector


 Tax fraud,

 digital forensic

 auditing and


 Cyber fraud,

Internet fraud risk management

Mr. F. Tagwireyi

MSc in Strategic Management [CUT,2008],

M.Com Accounting (MSU) 2017

 Associate CIS [2008]
National Intermediate Diploma in Public Sector Accounting [Harare Poly technic, 1990]

Associate SAAA [1991]


Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

Accounting, accountability and auditing.

Mrs. S. Zhou

MBA [ZOU,2005]

M.Com Accounting (MSU) 2017

B. Tech Accountancy [UZ,1992], Associate CIS [1990]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)


 Fraud preventative

 and Detective

 Strategies for the   

 public sector in


 Forensic auditing

Mr .M. Duve 

M.Com Acc [MSU, 2011]

 B.Com  Hons Accounting [GZU,  2008]

Certified Public Accountant [2015]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)



 Green Taxation

Mr. G.J.  Gutu 

MPhil in Taxation (UP) 2018

M.Com Acc [MSU,2010]

MSc in Strategic Management [CUT, 2007]

Post Grad Diploma in Applied Taxation [2006]

B.Com Hons Acc [MSU, 2004]

CPA [2011]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

Tax Policy,

Tax compliance



Mrs R. Mandzvidza

M.Com Acc [MSU,2013],

 B.Com Hons in Acc [GZU, 2010]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)



of SMEs

Mr. M. Nyakuwanikwa

M.Com  Acc [MSU, 2009]

MBL [BUSE, 2012]

B.Com Acc [ZOU,2007]

Associate CPA (Z)[ 2011]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)







Mr P. Matungamire




MBA [MSU, 2006], M.Com Accounting (MSU) 2017 Fellow CIS, [2011] Registered Public Accountant,

Financial Reporting, Taxation and Entrepreneurship


Mr C. Kwenda

MSc Comp Science [UZ, 2011]

BSC Comp Science [BUSE,2008]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

Social engineering

Game based 


Mr. D. Chikuni 

MSc Comp Science [UZ,2013]

BSc Hons Infor Systems [MSU,2005]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

Algorithm design,


Technology for



Mrs. C.I. Hurasha


MSc Comp Science [UZ, 2006]

BSc Hons Infor Systems [MSU,2004]

ND in Comp Science [ Gweru Poly [2001]

NC Computer Studies [Gweru Poly, 2000]

CE [Hillside Teachers College,1990]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)


IT diffusion and


Mr. K. Chindoza 


M. Com  in  Infor Systems [GZU, 2015]

BSc Hons Infor Systems [MSU, 2006]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

Mobile Computing,

IT Governance

Mrs G.  Mawere

MSc  Infor Systems  [MSU,2013]

BSc Hons Infor Systems [MSU, 2004]

A Computer Servicing Certificate [NUST, 2007]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

IT Governance,


IT diffusion and


Mr T. Mutero

MSc  Comp Science [UZ, 2011]

BSc Hons Comp Science [UZ, 2009]

Networking Certificate [UZ,  Computer Centre,2008]

Web Development II Certificate [UZ Computer Centre, 2008]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)

Artificial intelligence and expert systems, (Sensors arduing RASPBERRY PI),




Ms L. Winji

MSc  in Information Technology [UP, 2015]

BSc Hons Infor Systems [MSU,2009]

CIO Networking 1 – 4 [NUST, 2011]

Diploma in Higher and Tertiary Education (GZU)



Data communications and computer networks

Mr C. Phiri

Masters in Corporate and Commercial law University of Lusaka (2017)

MBA [ZOU, 2014]

Bachelor of Law [UZ, 1982]

Corporate Governance

Customary Law

Mr G. Jekese

Masters of Technology in Information Technology SRM University, Chennai India (2015)

Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Information Systems (MSU) 2011

Cloud computing and Cloud Security

Information Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D)

Ms I. J. Marima

M.Com in Information System (GZU) 2013

B. Com Hons degree in Information Systems

HND in Computer Studies (1999) Masvingo Polytechnic

 Information systems in organisations. The use of ICTs in enhancing business

Mr S Mukute

MSc in Computer Science (UZ) 2012

BSc Hons degree in Computer Science (UZ) 2010

Resource sharing in a Heterogeneous Cloud Environment,                     Ant Colony Optimization,  Genetic Algorithms.


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