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Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture


Department of Curriculum Studies

About the Department

The Curriculum Studies Department strives to promote high quality teaching and learning through the development of practising teachers. The Department envisages the production of efficient, knowledgeable and culture anchored teachers. The Department offers postgraduate programmes like Master of Education Curriculum Studies, Master of Education Languages [ChiShona/Ndebele and English], and Graduate Diploma in education. In undergraduate programmes, the Department teaches Bachelor of Education Primary, Bachelor of Education Secondary and Bachelor of Education Secondary – Bridging Programme.

Department Staff



Dr. K. Mapetere

PhD History Instructional Leadership [UFS, 2015], M.Ed. Curriculum Arts Education [UZ, 2007], B.Ed.  [Solusi, 2002], Dip. Ed.[Mutare Teachers College, 1996]

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Research interests

Curriculum Issues in History



SECRETARY – Mrs. S. Mugura

B.Com [Hons] Degree [HR and Industrial Relations] [RCU, 2016]

National Diploma in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2002]

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SECRETARY – Ms. L. Chabuda

B.Com Degree [Human Resources Management] [ZOU, 2008]

HND in Office Management [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2005]

National Diploma in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2001]

National Certificate in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 1999]

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Mr. T.  Bhala

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts English [UZ, 2001], B.A. [Hons] English [UZ, 1985], Diploma in Curriculum Arts and Education [UZ, 1996],  Grad.C.E [UZ, 1992]


English Literature
Mr. C. Bhebe

M.Ed. Curriculum & Art  Education  [Ndebele] [UZ, 2001], B.Ed  [UZ, 1993], C.E. [Mkoba Teachers College, 1987]


Language Interference
Mrs S. Chademana

M.A. Applied Linguistics [MSU, 2015], B.A. English and Communication  Studies [ZOU, 2004], B.A. Special Hons Communication  and Media Studies, [ZOU, 2014], C.E. [UCE 1986], PGDHTE [GZU, 2017]


Communication Studies
Mr. P. Chifamba

MSc. Mathematics [UZ, 2004], BSc. Hons. Mathematics [UZ, 2001],  B.Ed.  Mathematics [UZ, 1988],

C.E. [GTC, 1985]


Maths Education
Mrs H. Chigwida

M.Ed. Curriculum & Arts Education [UZ, 2000], B.Ed. History [UZ, 1995], C.E. [UZ, 1990]


Curriculum Theory  and issues
Mrs W. Chindedza

M.Ed. English [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. [UZ, 2002], C.E.  [Belvedere Trs’ College, 1992]


English language Curriculum issues
Mr. L. Dube

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education Ndebele [UZ, 2010], B.A [Hons] African Languages and Culture [MSU, 2004], Dip. Ed.  [Hillside Teachers’ College, 1996]


Dr. D.D. Dziwa

PhD. Art Education [NWU, 2016], M.Ed. Teacher Education Art and Design Education [UZ, 2007], M.Ed. Educational Psychology [GZU, 2006], B.Ed. Teacher Education [UZ, 2003], Dip. Ed. [MTC, 1996]


Art Education
Mr. T. K. Gondo

M.A. Languages & Literature [UZ, 1998], B.A. Dual Hons.  African Experience ChiShona [UZ, 1985], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1987],

Certificate in Personal Management 1994


Language Education Indigenous,

Language Raising linguistics

Prof. J. Gonye

PhD. English Literature [Univen, 2015], M.A. English [UZ, 2000], B.A. [Hons] English [UZ, 1990], Grad. C.E. [UZ, 1993]


English Literature
Mr. R.  Gunhu

M.Ed. Technical Education [Human Nutrition][UZ, 2007], B.Ed. [UZ, 2000],  Diploma in Training Management  [IPMZ, 2003], C.E. [Belvedere Teachers College, 1991]


Food and nutrition Education
Dr.N. Jinga

PhD. Vocational Technical Education [UFS, 2016], M.Ed. Technical Education Textiles, Clothing and Design Technical [UZ, 2006], M.Ed.  Curriculum Studies [UZ, 2003], B.Ed. [UZ, 1998],  C.E. [Morgenster, 1981]


Vocational Technical Education
Mr. W. Kadodo

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts [UZ, 2001], B.A. English and Shona [UZ, 1990], Diploma in Curriculum and Arts [UZ, 1996], Grad. C.E. [UZ, 1991]


Language teaching
Ms L. Madungwe

M.Ed. Science and Mathematics Education [UZ, 2007], BSc. degree [UNISA, 1997], B.Ed. Mathematics degree  [UZ, 1981], C.E. [GTC, 1979]


Maths Education
Ms. P.  Mahundi

M.Ed. Technical Education [Human Nutrition] [UZ, 2009], B.Ed. Home Economics [UZ,2003], Diploma in Education [M. T.C, 1996]


Food and Nutrition Education
Dr. S. Magudu D.Ed. Didactics [UNISA, 2015], M.Ed. Curriculum Studies and Arts [UZ, 2001], B.Ed. History [UZ,1988], C.E. [University of Bristol, 2001]


Teacher Education
Dr. J. Makaye

PhD. Instructional Leadership Curriculum Issues [UFS,2015],

MPhil. Curriculum Policy, Development and Management [NMMU, 2006], B.Ed. Educational Administration and Policy Studies [UZ, 1997], C.E.  [MTC, 1979]


Curriculum Studies
Mr. E. Makwara

M.Sc.EPP [UZ, 2003], B.A. Special Hons. Geography [UZ, 1996], B.A. [UZ, 1985], Grad. C. E. [UZ, 1987]


Geography and environmental issues
Dr. L. Mandiudza

PhD.  Curriculum studies  Vocational  Technical Education [UFS, 2016], MEd. Curriculum Studies [UZ, 2003], B.Ed. [UZ, 1989], T3 Trs’ Cert. [Morgenster Trs’ College, 1977]


Curriculum Issues  in Vocational Education
Mr. F. Mapako M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [UZ, 2008], B.Ed. [UZ, 2005], B.Ed. Management degree [Pretoria Technikon, 2001], Dipl. Ed. [G.T.C. 1994]


English and Communication Studies
Mr. J. Marashe

M.A. Religious Studies [UZ, 1997], BA. Special [UZ, 1994], Grad. C.E. [UZ, 1992]


Religious and Moral Studies Education
Dr. R. Mareva

PhD English Literature [Univen, 2016], M.Ed. Curriculum Studies and Arts English [UZ, 2003], B.Ed. English [UZ, 1998], C.E. [GTC, 1990]


English and Communication Studies
Mr. D. Mashoko

M.Ed. Science and Mathematics Education [Chemistry] [UZ, 2005], PGD. Science Education [UZ, 2003], B.Ed. Chemistry [UZ, 2001], Dip. Ed. [UZ, 1995]


Indigenous knowledge systems
Dr. M. Mazuruse

D.Lit.Phil. African Languages [UNISA, 2015], M.A. African Languages & Literature Shona [UZ, 2010], M.A. African Languages [UNISA, 2010], B.A. [Hons] Shona and Religious Studies [UZ, 1991], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1993]


Language  Education and issues ChiShona
Mr. E. Mhaka

MPhil. Religious Studies [UZ, 2005], B.A. [UZ, 1984], Grad. C. E. [UZ, 1986]


Traditional Religious Issues
Mr. J. Moyo

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [English] [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. English [UZ, 2003], Dip. Ed. [G.T.C, 1995]


English and Communication Studies, Literature
Dr. N.  Moyo

PhD History [UJ, 2016], M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [UZ, 2003], B.Ed [UZ, 1993], C.E. [HTC, 1989]


History Education
Dr. J. Mswazie

PhD. Curriculum Theory [NMMU, 2015], MPhil.  Curriculum Policy, Development & Management [UPE, 2003], B.A. Religious Studies and Shona [UZ, 1983], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1985]


Curriculum issues
Dr. B Mudzanire

PhD. African Languages [UNISA, 2017], M.Ed. Shona [UZ, 2007], BSc. Geography & Environmental Studies [ZOU, 2004], B.Ed. Shona [UZ, 2003], Dip. Ed. [GTC, 1993]


Language Issues and Afro-centrism
Mr. A.  Mufanechiya

M.Ed. Curriculum Studies [MASU, 2006], B.A. [UZ, 1988], PGDCE [UZ, 1999], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1990]


Curriculum Issues
Mr. G. Munyaradzi

M.Ed. Educational Administration, Planning and Policy Studies [ZOU, 2007], M.Ed. Music  [Shenandoah University, 2010], B.A. English and Music [AU, 2003]


Music education and Religious practices
Mrs I. Mupfumira

M.Ed. Teacher Education [Textiles Clothing] [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. Home Economics [UZ, 1987], C.E. [GTC, 1977]


Clothing and textiles Education
Mr. J. G. Mupondi

M.Ed. Teacher Education Art and Design [UZ, 2006], B.Ed. Art and Design Education [UZ, 1999], Dip. Ed. [HTC, 1994]


Art Education
Mr. T. Mutonhori

M.A. Religious Studies [UZ, 1988], B.A.]Hons] Religious Studies [UZ, 1987], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1991]


Religious and Moral Education Studies
Mr. J. Muzangwa

M.Ed. Science and Mathematics [UZ, 2012], Licentiate in Education [Mathematics] [Enrique Jose Verona, Cuba, 1993], BSc. Special Hons. Mathematics [UZ, 1999]


Maths Education
Mr. M. Nyoni

M.Ed. Curriculum & Arts Education English [UZ, 2000], B.Ed. English [UZ, 1995], C.E. [UZ, 1990]


English Literature
Prof. S. Nyota D.Lit.Phil. African Languages [UNISA, 2008], M.A.  [UNISA, 2001], B.A. [Hons] African Languages [UNISA, 1997], B.A. General [UZ, 1983], Grad. C.E.  [UZ, 1988]


Language and literature
Mr. J. Risiro M.Ed. Science and Mathematics Education [Geography] [UZ, 2009], B.A. [Hons] Geography [UZ, 1992], Grad. C.E.  [UZ,1995]


Geography and Environmental issues
Mr. C. Rubaya

M.Ed. Curriculum & Arts [English] [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. English [UZ, 2003], Dip. Ed. [GTC, 1996]


Language and English Literature
Mr. E. Rurinda

M.Ed. Science & Mathematics Education [Biology] [UZ, 2005], BSc. Special Hons. Biological Science [UZ, 2002], Licentiate in Education [Biology] [Enrique Jose Verona, Cuba, 1992], Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education [UZ, 1999]


Biology  Education
Ms E. M. Sibanda

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [Ndebele] [UZ, 2001], B.Ed. Ndebele  [UZ, 1993], C.E. [GTC, 1985]


Language and Religious matters
Ms D.T. Tshuma

M.Ed. Science and Mathematics Education [Geography] [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. Geography  [UZ, 1996], C.E. [HTC, 1991]


Geography and Environmental Issues
Mr. W. Zimidzi M.Ed. Teacher Education [Music] [UZ, 2006], B.Ed. [Music] [UZ, 2002], C.E. [UCE, 1984]


Music Education


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