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Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture


Department of Curriculum Studies

About the Department

The Curriculum Studies Department strives to promote high quality teaching and learning through the development of practising teachers. The Department envisages the production of efficient, knowledgeable and culture anchored teachers. The Department offers postgraduate programmes like Master of Education Curriculum Studies, Master of Education Languages [ChiShona/Ndebele and English], and Graduate Diploma in education. In undergraduate programmes, the Department teaches Bachelor of Education Primary, Bachelor of Education Secondary and Bachelor of Education Secondary – Bridging Programme.

Department Staff



Dr E.C. Makwara

PhD Geography [UFS, 2018] M.Sc.EPP [UZ, 2003], B.A. Special Hons. Geography [UZ, 1996], B.A. [UZ, 1985], Grad. C. E. [UZ, 1987]

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Research Interests

Research interests centre on environmental issues ranging from sustainable natural resources utilization and conservation, individual and group interests in natural resource management, conflicts in natural resource management, water resources management, waste management, indigenous weather forecasting and sustainable development issues.


Secretary – Mrs. S. Mugura

B.Com [Hons] Degree [HR and Industrial Relations] [RCU, 2016]

National Diploma in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2002]

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Dr. K. Mapetere


PhD History Instructional Leadership [UFS, 2015], M.Ed. Curriculum Arts Education [UZ, 2007], B.Ed.  [Solusi, 2002], Dip. Ed.[Mutare Teachers College, 1996]


Curriculum Issues in History, Instructional leadership in History, Citizenship Education and Teacher Education


Mr. T.  Bhala

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts English [UZ, 2001], B.A. [Hons] English [UZ, 1985], Diploma in Curriculum Arts and Education [UZ, 1996],  Grad.C.E [UZ, 1992]


Language in Education, Indigenous Language raising, the teaching of language and literature, gender issues in literature

Mr. C. Bhebe

M.Ed. Curriculum & Arts  Education  [Ndebele] [UZ, 2001], B.Ed  [UZ, 1993], C.E. [Mkoba Teachers College, 1987]


Language interference; code switching and code mixing, culture and related issues

Mrs S. Chademana

M.A. Applied Linguistics [MSU, 2015], B.A. English and Communication  Studies [ZOU, 2004], B.A. Special Hons Communication  and Media Studies, [ZOU, 2014], C.E. [UCE 1986], PGDHTE [GZU, 2017]


Cultural Studies, Communication  and Language

Mr. P. Chifamba

MSc. Mathematics [UZ, 2004], BSc. Hons. Mathematics [UZ, 2001], B.Ed.  Mathematics [UZ, 1988],C.E. [GTC, 1985]


Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Use of Technology in Mathematics education Visual thinking in Mathematics learning

Mrs H. Chigwida

M.Ed. Curriculum & Arts Education [UZ, 2000], B.Ed. History [UZ, 1995], C.E. [UZ, 1990]


Curriculum Change, Curriculum Analysis and internationalisation of Curriculum Studies field

Dr W. Chindedza

PhD in Education [Curriculum Studies] [UKZN, 2017], M.Ed. English [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. [UZ, 2002], C.E.  [Belvedere Trs’ College, 1992]


Education, gender,  Curriculum issues and language

Mr. L. Dube

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education Ndebele [UZ, 2010], B.A [Hons] African Languages and Culture [MSU, 2004], Dip. Ed.  [Hillside Teachers’ College, 1996]


Indigenous Languages rights, Onomastics, IKS pedagogical issues, Ndebele and Zulu literature and culture

Prof. K.T. Gondo

M.A. Languages & Literature [UZ, 1998], B.A. Dual Hons.  African Experience and ChiShona [UZ, 1985], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1987],Certificate in Personal Management 1994


Language  and education ,Indigenous Language raising  and language  creation ; Literature and development

Prof. J. Gonye

PhD. English

[Univen, 2015], M.A. English [UZ, 2000], B.A. [Hons] English [UZ, 1990], Grad. C.E. [UZ, 1993]



Literary studies;

Postcolonial studies; representations of dance and dance pedagogy; popular culture; communication

Mr. W. Kadodo

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts [UZ, 2001], B.A. English and Shona [UZ, 1990], Diploma in Curriculum and Arts [UZ, 1996], Grad. C.E. [UZ, 1991]


Language teaching and learning issues ; Language Policy issues; Literature and criticism issues

Dr L.S. Madungwe

Doctor of Education in Curriculum Studies [UNISA, 2018]

M.Ed. Science and Mathematics Education [UZ, 2007], B.Sc. [UNISA, 1997], B.Ed. Mathematics  [UZ, 1981], C.E. [GTC, 1979]


Mathematics teaching and learning for students  with visual impairment; Ethno-mathematics; Teaching methodologies; Current trends in Mathematics Education


Dr. S. Magudu

D.Ed. Didactics [UNISA, 2015], M.Ed. Curriculum Studies and Arts [UZ, 2001], B.Ed. History [UZ,1988], C.E. [University of Bristol, 2001]


Efficacy of Teacher Education, Implementation of the Social Studies  Curriculum, Citizenship education  and promotion of Social Justice in Schools

Prof. J. Makaye

PhD. Instructional Leadership Curriculum Issues [UFS,2015],

MPhil. Curriculum Policy, Development and Management [NMMU, 2006], B.Ed. Educational Administration and Policy Studies [UZ, 1997], C.E.  [MTC, 1990]


Curriculum issues, Instructional leadership and Teacher Education

Dr. L. Mandiudza

PhD.  Curriculum Studies  Vocational  Technical Education [UFS, 2016], MEd. Curriculum Studies [UZ, 2003], B.Ed. [UZ, 1989], T3 Trs’ Cert. [Morgenster Trs’ College, 1977]


Curriculum Issues  -planning, designing implementation, evaluation in Vocational Education;

Mr. F. P.Mapako

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education (English) [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. (English) [UZ, 2001], B.Ed. Management degree [Pretoria Technikon, 2000], Dipl. Ed. [G.T.C. 1994]


Communication, Literature, Language and Pedagogical Issues in Education

Dr. J. Marashe

PhD [Biblical and Religious Studies] [UP] M.A. Religious Studies [UZ, 1997], BA. Special Honours [UZ, 1994], Grad. C.E. [UZ, 1992]


HIV AIDS; Traditional Practices and Beliefs, Gender Issues, and Old Testament Issues

Prof. R. Mareva

PhD English [Univen, 2016], M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts [English] [UZ, 2003], B.Ed. English [UZ, 1998], C.E. [GTC, 1990]


Literature, English Language Teaching, Curriculum Issues, Gender Issues, Communication Studies

Dr. D. Mashoko

PhD [Science and Indigenous Knowledge Educaion][Wits. University] M.Ed. Science and Mathematics Education [Chemistry] [UZ, 2005], PGD. Science Education [UZ, 2003], B.Ed. Chemistry [UZ, 2001], Dip. Ed. [UZ, 1995]


Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Science teaching, Chemistry education,, Science Curriculum issues, Gender and Science Education

Dr. M. Mazuruse

D.Lit.Phil. African Languages [UNISA, 2015], M.A. African Languages & Literature (Shona) [UZ, 2010], M.A. African Languages [UNISA, 2010], B.A. [Hons] Shona and Religious Studies [UZ, 1991], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1993]


Language  Education, Curriculum Development Afrocentricity, Gender Issues in Literature, ,Language Planning and Policy Culture and Heritage

Mr. E. Mhaka

MPhil. Religious Studies [UZ, 2005], B.A. [UZ, 1984], Grad. C. E. [UZ, 1986]


Indigenous Knowledge Systems  and  Religious Education, Curriculum Issues in and  Religious Education, Emerging Issues  in Religious and Moral Education

Mr. J. Moyo

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [English] [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. English [UZ, 2003], Dip. Ed. [G.T.C, 1995]


Communication in Education and Society,

Literature and society

Language and learning

Dr. N.  Moyo

PhD History [UJ, 2016], M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [UZ, 2003], B.Ed [UZ, 1993], C.E. [HTC, 1989]


Nathan does research in Curriculum Theory, History Education and Teacher Education. Nathan’s research is grounded in critical transformative pedagogies that employ postcolonial and decolonial heuristics to understand curriculum practice.


Dr. J. Mswazie

PhD. Curriculum Theory [NMMU, 2015], MPhil.  Curriculum Policy, Development & Management [UPE, 2003], B.A. Religious Studies and Shona [UZ, 1983], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1985]


Teacher Education Development policy, Higher Education reform, Innovation and adaptation, and institutionalization,, Course Design and development ,Indigenization of the curriculum, open Learning theory and practice

Dr. B Mudzanire

PhD. African Languages [UNISA, 2017], M.Ed. Shona [UZ, 2007], BSc. Geography & Environmental Studies [ZOU, 2004], B.Ed. Shona [UZ, 2003], Dip. Ed. [GTC, 1993]


Language Literature, and cultural studies and Afro-centrism

Mr. A.  Mufanechiya

M.Ed. Curriculum Studies [MASU, 2006], B.A. [UZ, 1988], PGDCE [UZ, 1999], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1990]


Education and Curriculum , Teacher Education


Mr. T. Mutonhori

M.A. Religious Studies [UZ, 1988], B.A.]Hons] Religious Studies [UZ, 1987], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1991]


Religious and Moral Education Studies .Indigenous knowledge systems and conservation of natural resources. Indigenous knowledge systems and drought mitigation. Religion and HIV and AIDS. Religion and forced marriages. Rites and taboos among the Tonga, Venda and Nambya in Zimbabwe. Religion at campus. Religious tourism.

Mr. J. Muzangwa

M.Ed. Science and Mathematics [UZ, 2012], Licentiate in Education [Mathematics] [Enrique Jose Verona, Cuba, 1993], BSc. Special Hons. Mathematics [UZ, 1999]


Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Use of Technology in Mathematics education Visual thinking in Mathematics learning

Dr. M. Nyoni .Phil. English [UNISA, 2018],M.Ed. Curriculum & Arts Education English [UZ, 2000], B.Ed. English [UZ, 1995], C.E. [UZ, 1990]


Literature in English




Second Language pedagogy

Prof. S. Nyota

D.Lit.Phil. African Languages [UNISA, 2008], M.A.  [UNISA, 2001], B.A. [Hons] African Languages [UNISA, 1997], B.A. General [UZ, 1983], Grad. C.E.  [UZ, 1988]


Socio-linguistics, Semantics, Phonetics, Phonology, endangered languages and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Language and literature

Mr. J. Risiro

M.Ed. Science and Mathematics Education [Geography] [UZ, 2009], B.A. [Hons] Geography [UZ, 1992], Grad. C.E.  [UZ,1995]


Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Climate Change and Adaptation and Environmental issues

Mr. C. Rubaya

M.Ed. Curriculum & Arts [English] [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. English [UZ, 2003], Dip. Ed. [GTC, 1996]


Literary art with a focus on protest literature and the portrayal of women’s issues in feminist art, teaching English as a second language, issues on commutative proficiency.

Mr. E. Rurinda

M.Ed. Science & Mathematics Education [Biology] [UZ, 2005], BSc. Special Hons. Biological Science [UZ, 2002], Licentiate in Education [Biology] [Enrique Jose Verona, Cuba, 1992], Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education [UZ, 1999]


Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Practical work in Biology Education , Peer coaching in Biology  Education, Participatory  action research in Biology,, Pollutants in crop plants and Professional development issues

Ms E. M. Sibanda

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [Ndebele] [UZ, 2001], B.Ed. Ndebele  [UZ, 1993], C.E. [GTC, 1985]


Comparative study of indigenous languages in terms of language structure and

culture and religious matters

Mrs D.T. Tshuma

M.Ed. Science and Mathematics Education [Geography] [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. Geography  [UZ, 1996], C.E. [HTC, 1991]


Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Natural Resources Climate Change and adaptation, Conservation , Sustainable development , developments in the geography Curriculum and Environmental issues

Dr A. Mhindu

PhD Language and Media Studies [UKZN],M.Ed. Languages English [GZU]

B.Ed Primary [English] GZU

Diploma in Education[Masvingo Teachers’ College]

Language Planning and Policy Issues, Literature, Teacher Education, Communication Skills

Mrs N. Magomana

M.Com Finance [GZU] 2014

B.Comm Banking and Finance [GZU] 2008

Financial Innovation and Economic Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth Financial Innovation  and Emerging Markets

Mrs C. Muza

MCom (Accounting) [MSU]

BCom (Accounting) [GZU]

ICA (Part D)

HND (Accounting) [Masvingo Polytechnic]


Internal Audit and risk management, Internal audit and corporate governance .

Mrs H. Beans

M.Com Accounting [MSU] 2013

B. Comm Accounting [Hons] GZU 2010

HND Accounting [Masvingo Poly] 1998

ND Accounting [Masvingo Poly] 1996

NC accounting [Masvingo Poly] 1995


Accounting Information Systems, Taxation and Auditing

Mrs S. Mugari

MPhil HIV/AIDS Management

(Stellenbosch University,2011)

PDM HIV/AIDS Management

(Stellenbosch University,2009),

BSc Counselling


C. E. Secondary



-Collaborative learning approaches to promote critical- analytical thinking skills in students in resource poor settings

-Contemporary Issues in Sexuality, HIV and AIDS Education

-Communication strategies for HIV prevention and behaviour change



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