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Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture


Department of Teacher Development

About the Department

The Department of Teacher Development strives to be a department of excellence in the development of innovative pre-service teachers who are well versed in culturally relevant pedagogics. The Department also strives to utilise technology in teaching and learning. The Department offers Bachelor of Education Honours degree (Secondary) pre-service and Bachelor of Education Honours degree (primary) preserve. In these programmes some international students from countries such as Namibia and South Sudan also enroll. International students with post-secondary qualifications below A Level go through a bridging programme first.


Department Staff


Dr. S. Madusise

D.Ed. Mathematics [TUT, SA 2013], M.Ed. Science and Mathematics [UZ, 2005], PGD Science Education [UZ, 2003], B.Ed Mathematics [UZ, 1998], C.E. [G.T.C, Sec 1985]

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Research interests

Mathematics and Culture Contextualisation of Mathematics teaching.


Secretary – Ms. P. Muziti

BCom. [Hons] Degree in Business Management (GZU, 2018)

National Diploma in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic, 2012]

Person Friday Course [Ranche House College, 2009]

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Secretary Teaching Practice- Ms A. Mugabe

Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic,2014]

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Mr. T. Kaela M.A. Religious Studies [UZ, 2001], B.A. Special Hons. Religious Studies [UZ, 1997], B.A Gen. [UZ, 1983], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1985]



Religion, Cultural Beliefs, Morden testament, Religious and Moral Education
Mr. P. Mateveke M.Ed. Curriculum Studies [MASU, 2003], B.Ed. Biology [UZ, 1986], Sec.Trs’ Cert. [Gwelo Teachers College, 1975]



Medicine ,Biology Education, Curriculum issues
Dr.  J. Mudekunye D.Ed.  Curriculum Studies [UNISA, 2017], M.Ed. Curriculum Studies [MASU,  2006], B.Ed. [UZ, 2001], C.E. [Andrew Louw ZINTEC College, 1987]



Physical Education including gender issues in Physical Education and current trends and issues.
Dr. T. Mudyahoto D.Ed. Educational Psychology [UFH, 2017], M.Ed. Educational Psychology [MASU, 2006], B.Ed. [MASU, 2001], Dip.Ed.[UCE, 1997], C.E. [Marymount Teachers College, 1991]


Inclusivity in Physical Education & sport in mainstream schools.
Dr. T. Mufanechiya D.Ed. Curriculum Studies  [UNISA, 2015], M.Ed. Curriculum Studies [MASU, 2003], B.Ed.  [UZ, 1992], Grad.C.E. [UZ, 1997]



Curriculum Innovation, Design, Planning
Prof. G. T. Ndamba

Associate Professor

D.Ed. Didactics [UNISA, 2014], M.Ed. Teacher Education [UZ, 1999], B.A. [UNSA 1981], T3 TC, [Umtali Teachers’ College, 1976]



Professional Issues in Education, ECD INFANT Education, Language Policy
Dr. C. Ngwaru

D.E.d Languages and Leteracy

M.Ed. Curriculum  Studies [MASU, 2003], B.A. Gen. [UNISA, 1999], C.E. [Mutare Trs’ College, 1982]



Teaching and learning of English as a second language at primary and secondary school levels.
Mrs T. Nyoni M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [UZ, 2000], B.Ed. Shona [UZ, 1995], C.E. [GTC, 1990]



Sociolinguistics, Language and Gender, Oral Literature, translation issues and contemporary issues in Education.


Mr. J.C. Sithole M.Ed. English as a Second Language [UZ, 1990], B.Ed. English and History [UZ, 1980], Grad. C.E [UZ, 2002]



English language, Literature, role of women in literature
Dr. E. Viriri

D.Ed Languages, Linguistics and Literature

M.Ed. Curriculum and Arts Education [UZ, 2007], B.A. Gen. [UZ, 2000], Grad. D.E. [UZ, 2005]


Languages-Shona Education, Culture and language

Master of Education (2008) (Great Zimbabwe University)

Bachelor of Education (2003) UZ

Diploma In Education (1997) Curriculum Innovation, Design, Planning


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