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Dr N. Jinga

PhD. Vocational Technical Education [UFS, 2016], M.Ed. Technical Education Textiles, Clothing and Design Technical [UZ, 2006], M.Ed.  Curriculum Studies [UZ, 2003], B.Ed. Home Economics [UZ, 1998], C.E. [Morgenster, 1981]

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Research Interests

Vocational Technical Education, Dress and Culture, Nutrition and Non-Communicable diseases.



Secretary – Ms. L. Chabuda

B.Com Degree [Human Resources Management] [ZOU, 2008]

HND in Office Management [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2005]

National Diploma in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 2001]

National Certificate in Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic College, 1999]

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Senior Technician – Ms. W. Tirimboyi        

National Certificate in Applied Art and design,        

National Certificate in clothing construction, National Diploma in

Clothing Technology, Bachelor of Technical Education honours in    

Applied Art and Design

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Research Interests: Identity Issues, Culture and Zimbabwe Art.


Technician – Mrs. V. Gubwe                    

Bachelor of Education in Home Economics, Certificate in Education

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Dr. D.D. Dziwa

PhD. Art Education [NWU, 2016], M.Ed. Teacher Education Art and Design Education [UZ, 2007], M.Ed. Educational Psychology [GZU, 2006], B.Ed. Teacher Education [UZ, 2003], Dip. Ed. [MTC, 1996]


-Visual interpretation and communication issues

-Gender issues in relation to Art education

-Socio-visual semantics

Mr. R.  Gunhu

M.Ed. Technical Education [Human Nutrition][UZ, 2007],

M.E.d Educational Psychology (GZU, 2008); B.Ed. [UZ, 2000],  Diploma in Training Management  [IPMZ, 2003], C.E. [Belvedere Teachers College, 1991]


-Indigenous foods, composite flours and health promotion

-Non communicable diseases prevention

– life style modifications, functional nutrients and Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

Ms. P.  Mahundi

M.Ed. Technical Education [Human Nutrition] [UZ, 2009], B.Ed. Home Economics [UZ,2003], Diploma in Education [M. T.C, 1996]


-Food and Nutrition Education, Maternal and Paediatric nutrition, Metabolism.

Mr. G. Munyaradzi

M.Ed. Educational Administration, Planning and Policy Studies [ZOU, 2007], M.Ed. Music  [Shenandoah University, 2010], B.A. English and Music [AU, 2003]


-Music education and Religious practices

Mrs I. Mupfumira

M.Ed. Teacher Education [Textiles Clothing and Design] [UZ, 2007], B.Ed. Home Economics [UZ, 1987], C.E. [GTC, 1977]


-Psychology of Dress

-Textile curriculum

-Interrior Design

Mr. J. G. Mupondi

M.Ed. Teacher Education Art and Design [UZ, 2006], B.Ed. Art and Design Education [UZ, 1999], Dip. Ed. [HTC, 1994]


-Arts and entrepreneurship

-African Art studio practices

-History and philosophies

Contemporary studio art practices

-Art curriculum development and implementation issues

-Technology globalisation and indigenous studio practices

Mr. W. Zimidzi

M.Ed. Teacher Education [Music] [UZ, 2006], B.Ed. [Music] [UZ, 2002], C.E. [UCE, 1984]


-African Folklore and cultural benefits

-Music Education and African perspectives

-Music education and child development

Dr. D. Gamira

PhD Environmental Education [UKZN, 2019]

M.Ed. Curriculum Studies [MASU, 2003],

B.Ed. Agriculture [UZ, 1992],

C.E. [GTC, 1984], Cert.  Agriculture [Mlezu Institute of Agriculture, 1983]




-Environmental Education learning

-Psychology and learning science.

Dr L. Manwa

D.Ed. Psychology [UNISA, 2016], M.Ed. Textiles, Clothing and Design[UZ, 2006], B.Ed. Home Economics [UZ, 1996], C.E. [GTC, 1986]





-dress designs and textile education

Dr.  L. Manwa

D.Ed. Socio-Education [UNISA, 2017], M.Ed.  Technical Education [Human Nutrition] [UZ, 2010], B.Ed. [Home Economics] [UZ, 2004], Dip. Ed. [MTC, 1994]



-Community nutrition vulnerable groups and education.

Mr. S. Mataruse

M.Ed.  Teacher Development [UZ, 2014], B.Ed. Music [UZ, 2005], Dip. Ed. [Morgenster Teachers College, 1999]



-Developing music literacy through indigenous songs 

-transmitting cultural identity in schools through locally performed songs.

Mr. C. Mukandi

M.Ed. Teacher Education [UZ, 2011], B.T.E. [Hons] Applied Art and Design [NUST, 2006], Dip. Ed. [GTC, 1998], ND. Textile Design [Bulawayo Polytechnic, 1996], NC. Applied Art and Design [Bulawayo Polytechnic, 1992]



-Visual learning

-Technology in Art education

-Instructional media ,

Mr. T. P. Mutsambi

M.Ed. Teacher Education [UZ, 2001], B.Ed. Philosophy [Newcastle Upon Tyne University, 1983], T3 TC. [St Pauls’ Teachers’ College, 1976]



-Philosophical and Psychological issues in teaching Art and Design

-Curriculum issues in Art and Design

-Graphic development related issues

-Resources mobilisation in teaching practical subjects

Mr. M. Nhamo

M.Ed. Teacher Education [UZ, 2012], B.Ed. Music [UZ, 2005], Dip.Ed. [Mkoba Trs’ College, 1997]



-Music Education,

-Dance and Song,


-Public Performance

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