Robert Mugabe School Of Education

Master of Education Curriculum Studies

Part I Semester I 

CSTM501     Curriculum Planning; Design and Development
CSCM501     Psychological and Sociological Foundations of the CurriculumPart I Semester II
RSM 501      Research Methods and Statistics
CSCM502      Historical and Philosophical Foundations of the Curriculum
CSTM502      Curriculum Change and InnovationPart II Semester I
CSTM503     Curriculum Evaluation
CSTM504     Curriculum AnalysisOptional modules:
CSTM505      Comparative Education
CSTM 506     Curriculum Policy Analysis in Post Colonial Africa
CSTM507      Current Themes and Issues in Education and the Curriculum
CSTM508      Instructional Studies

Part II Semester II
CSDM501 Dissertation

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