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Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Mathematics

Part I           Students shall be required to study fourteen (14) compulsory modules including one University-wide module and two University-wide modules from the School of Cultural Heritage Studies.                              Semester I HMAT101    Calculus I...

Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Computer Science

Part I Semester I Students should do the following 7 modules: HCS111                 Introduction to Computers and Computer Applications HCS102                 Introduction to programming HCS103                 Operating Systems HCS104                 Computer...

Bachelor of Science Fourth (4th) Year Honours Degree in Mathematics

Normal Entry:A Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics or recognised Equivalent with a minimum of a 2.2 degree class Special Entry: Bachelor of Education Degree in a relevant subject area. Duration : One (1) year Block Release   Modules to be offered   Part IV Students shall...
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