Simon Muzenda School Of Arts, Culture And Heritage Studies

Bachelor Of Arts Special Honours Degree in Music

PART 1         SEMESTER 1

SHMU 401 Advanced Theory of Music

SHMU 402 History and Analysis of Western Art Music

SHMU 403 Musicology

SHMU 404 Ethnomusicology: Definitions and Theories

SHMU 405 Keyboard Fundamentals

SHMU 406 Music Production and Management

SHMU 407 Instrument of Minor Specialization

PART 1         SEMESTER 2

Core modules

SHMU 408 Transcription and Analysis: Representation of Musical Text

SHMU 409 Popular Music

SHMU 410 Research Methods and Fieldwork in Music

SHMU 411 Secondary Piano Proficiency

SHMU 412 Instrument of Major Specialization


SHMU 413 Ensemble Performance

SHMU 414 Advanced Ethno-organology and Archiving

SHMU 415 Musical Aesthetics and Ethics


PART 2         SEMESTER 1

SHMU 416 Contemporary and Traditional Dance Styles in Zimbabwe

SHMU 417 Sound Engineering

SHMU 418 Primary Piano Proficiency

SHMU 470 Research Project


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