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Simon Muzenda School Of Arts and Heritage Studies

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies


About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. The Department is made up of two sections, that is, Philosophy and Religious Studies. The programmes offered in the Department are: Diploma in Religious Studies and Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Religious Studies and Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Religious Studies, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Philosophy, Master of Arts in Religious Studies (Options: Old Testament Studies; New Testament Studies; African Traditional Religions; Christian History; Islamic Studies; Studies in African and Asian Religions and Theology Studies. The Department also offers Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (D. Phil) degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies.


Department Staff


Dr. E.G.  Konyana (Senior Lecturer)

D.Phil. (Ethics) [UKNZ, 2017],

MA (Philosophy) [UZ, 2008],

BA Special Hons [UZ, 2006],

PGDE [ZOU, 2002],

B.Tech: Education Management (Technikon Pretoria, 1999),

BA. Gen. [UZ, 1994].


Research interests:

Philosophy of Religion, Power and Ethics; African Culture and Ethics; Ethics and Gender-Based Violence; Law and Ethics; Ethics of Development

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Ms.  Z. Mposa

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Prof. F. Sibanda


DPhil (Arts) [UZ,2015]

MEd ( Philosophy) [GZU ,2010]

MA (Religious Studies) [UZ ,1999]

BA Special Hons ( Religious Studies) [UZ,1996]

BA [ UZ,1993]

Grad DE [ UZ,2000]


New Religious Movements


African Spirituality;

Land Question;

Indigenous ways of knowing

Human Rights;

Religion and Law;

Religion and the Environment in the African context

Prof. M. Mawere

PhD [ UCT, 2014]

MA( Dev Studies) [GZU, 2017]

MA (Soc  Anth)  [UCT ,2015]

MA (Philosophy)[ UZ ,2004]

BA Hons (Philosophy) [UZ ,2002]

Cert (Diplomacy, Negotiation & Bargaining) [UNASA & UCT ,2013]

Cert (Teaching Methods for Higher Educ) [UP , 2009] Cert ( Portuguese) [ RCH, 2006]

Cert ( IT) [ VU & UZ, 2001]


African Studies;

Development and Poverty Studies;

Cultural Philosophy;

African Philosophy;



Dr. D. Masaka

D Litt et Phil (Philosophy) [UNISA, 2016]

MA (Philosophy)[ UZ, 2003]

BA Hons (Philosophy & Religious Studies) [UZ ,2001]

African philosophy;

Philosophy of liberation; Moral Philosophy

Dr. E.T. Gwaravanda

DLitt et Phil (Philosophy) [UNISA , 2016]

MA (Philosophy) [UZ, 2004]

BA Hons (Philosophy) [ UZ , 2002]

African Philosophy;

Philosophy of Education

Dr. M. Chemhuru



DLitt et Phil(Philosophy) [UJ , 2016]

MA (Philosophy) [UZ, 2007]

BA Special Hons (Philosophy) [UZ, 2004]

BA [ UZ ,2003]

African Philosophy

Dr C. Chibango  


PhD (Canon Law) [UUR, 2002]

MA (Canon Law ) [UUR, 1999]

MA (Development Studies) [UKZN,  2009]

BA Hons (Religious Studies, [UZ ,1992]

Dip (Philosophy) [Chishawasha, 1989]

Religious and social policies and practices in contemporary development societies

Dr. E. Dube

DPhil (Religious Studies) [UZ,(2003]

MEd (Philosophy)[ GZU ,2010]

MA (Religious Studies) [ UZ ,1996]

BA Special Hons ( Religious Studies) [UZ,1993]

PGDE [ ZOU,2002]

BA [ UZ ,1992]

Religion and Health; Religion and Heritage; Church, Justice and peace; Interreligious dialogue

Dr. R. Wuriga

PhD (Philosophy) [UKN ,2004]

ThM. ( Theology/Religion) [NW, 2000]

MA (Philosophy) [NW ,1999]

ThB. (Theology/Religion), [NW ,1998]

BA Hons (Philosophy)[ NW ,1997]

BA [NW,1995]

Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Religion

Dr. E.  Masitera


DPhil (Philosophy) [UP, 2017)

MA (Philosophy) [UZ ,2008]

BA Hons (Philosophy) [AC ,2004]


African Philosophy;

Contemporary Philosophy

Rev. N. Madzokere

MA (Religious Studies) [ UZ ,2000]

BA Hons. (Religious Studies) [UZ ,2003]

Dip (Religious Studies) [UZ ,2000]

Dip (Theology) [BTSZ ,1999]

Old Testament Biblical Prophecy

Contemporary Prophecy; Bible and Contemporary Issues;

Contextualization of the New Testament


 Mr. T. Marevesa,

MA (Religious Studies) [UZ ,2006]

BA Hons (Religious Studies)   [UZ,1999]

Grad CE [UZ ,2002]

Bible and Politics;

Pentecostal Expressions in Zimbabwean Christianity; Gender based Violence; Bible and Conflict resolution in the Zimbabwean Political landscape

Mr. J. Mukusha

MA, [UZ,2006]

 BA Hons, [UZ ,2002]

 Cert in Educ, [UZ,1991] International Human Rights Exchange [IHRE] [UCT & Bard College University of New York]

African Philosophy and Pan Africanism, Human Rights, Social and Political Philosophy,

Epistemology, Education and Business Ethics






Rev. P. Muzambi

MA ( Religious Studies) [ UZ ,2006]

BA Hons [ UZ ,2003]

Dip(Religious Studies) [ UZ ,2000]

Dip (Philosophy)  [Chishawasha, 1997]


Religion and Citizenship


Politics and human rights

Mr. B.P Humbe

MA (Religious Studies) [UZ ,2005]

BA Hons (Religious Studies) [UZ ,2003]

Grad DE [UZ, 2007]

Dip ( Religious Studies) [UZ ,1999]

Traditional Religion in modern Society of Zimbabwe;


Traditional Law and Social Development;

Religion and Entrepreneurship;

Religion and Social Transformation, and Religion and Power.


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