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Simon Muzenda School Of Arts and Heritage Studies

Department of Performing and Visual Arts

About the Department

The Department is in the School Of Arts Culture and Heritage Studies. It is enrolling a variety of degree programmes including the Master of Arts Music. The Department’s vision is to sustain Music as an academic and professional discipline through the training of competent personal equipped with relevant knowledge and skills in research and performance practices. The programmes are meant to implant a strong theoretical and practical knowledge for professionalism, addressing life challenges and academic pursuit.

Department Staff


Mr. R. Ngara

MA (Music Ethnomusicology) [UFH, 2012], BA Hons (Music) [UFH, 2010], Diploma (Music) [MAM, 2006], Diploma (Education) [MTC, 1999]

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Research Interests

Gender Studies in Ethnomusicology, Indigenous Music Arts


SECRETARY – Mrs.  Z. Phiri

ND (Secretarial Studies) [Masvingo Polytechnic, 1995], NC (Secretarial Studies) [Masvingo Polytechnic, 1993]

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Ms P. Zinhuku


MA (Music Applied Ethnomusicology) [UKZN, 2014],

BSSc Hons (Music & Musicology) [ MSU, 2007] Preservation and performance of indigenous music and dance; Indigenous knowledge systems embodied in musical arts practices

Ms. J. Yule


MA( Dramatic Arts)


BA Hons (Theatre Arts) [UZ,2010]

BA [ UZ, 2009] Community participation in theatre initiated projects

Sr. C. Machingura


MA (Ethnomusicology) [UKZN,2015]

BSSc Hons  (Music & Musicology) [ MSU ,2011]

Dip Educ [GTC,1999] Indigenous musical Arts

Mr. S. Dzingayi


BSSc Hons  (Music & Musicology) [ MSU, 2012] Popular music.
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