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Simon Muzenda School Of Arts and Heritage Studies

Department of History, Archaeology and Development Studies


The Department is divided into 6 sections that is, Archeology, Heritage Studies, Museum Studies, History, Economic History and Development Studies. The Department offers Masters programmes namely MA in African History and MA in Development Studies. These Masters programmes aim to prepare students for Doctoral studies.




Dr. T. Musindo

DPhil (Archaeology) [Pretoria, 2017),

MSc (GIS & Spatial Analysis in Archaeology)  [UCL,2010],

BA Honours Archaeology, UZ (2005) and

BA Archaeology , Shona, UZ (2004)

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Research Interests

Computer Applications in Archaeology and Heritage Management;Archaeology of Complex Societies



SECRETARY – Ms.  S. Mtembwa

ND (Secretarial Studies) [Masvingo Polytechnic, 2013], NC (Secretarial Studies) [Masvingo Polytechnic, 2007]

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Prof . F. Duri

PhD (History)  [Wits,2012]

MA( African History) [ UZ ,1999]

Grad CE [ UZ,1988]

BA Hons (African Experience) [ UZ ,1986]

Survival dynamics of marginalised people

Dr. S. Dombo


PhD, UKNZ (2014)

MA History, UZ (2009)

BA Special Honours History, UZ (2007)

BA General, UZ (2005)


Media Histories Land Reform;

Politics and Region;

Entertainment Histories

Dr. S. Maravanyika

PhD (History)[ UP, 2014]

MA (African Economic History) [ UZ ,2004]

BA Hons (Economic History) [UZ, 2001]


Commodities Histories (Cotton);

Natural Resources Management Conservation;

Colonial Agricultural History

Dr. J.A Dzimbanhete

DLitt & Phil [UFH, 2011], MA (African History) [UZ, 1996]

BA Joint Hons, [UZ, 1987] Grad DE [UZ, 1987]

Liberation War, Military History


Dr. N. Marongwe

PhD (African History)[ UWC, 2012]

MA (African History) [ MSU ,2006]

BA (History , War & Strategic Studies) [UZ ,1996]

PGDE [ MSU, 2002]


Post-colonial African Governance;

Violence and Terrorism;

Justice, Human Rights and Democracy

Mrs. N. Mazuru

MSc (Development Studies) [WUA, 2012]

Post Graduate Diploma (Child Sensitive Social Policies) [WUA, 2016]

BA (History, Philosophy & Religious Studies) [ GZU ,2010]

Development induced displacements and Development;

Gender and Development;

Children and development


Mr. J. Hlongwana

MA (African History) [ MSU ,2007]

BA Hons (History) [ UNISA ,2004]

BA [ UNISA ,2001]

Dip Educ.[BTS ,1992]

Borderland Studies;

Agrarian Studies

Mr. D. Mugodzwa

MA [UZ,1996]

BA Hons [UZ,1986]

Grad C.E[ UZ, 1988]


Environmental History

Dr. L. Machiridza

PhD (Archaeology)[ UP ,2019]

MA (Archaeology)[ UP ,2012]

BA Special Hons (Archaeology) [ UZ ,2005]

BA [ UZ ,2004]

Historical archaeology of the Rozvi;

Liberation Heritage of Zimbabwe;

Archaeology and ethnicity;

Landscape archaeology

Mr. T. Muguti

MA (African Economic History) [UZ,2002]

Grad C.E [UZ, 1992]

BA Hons  (Economic History) [UZ , 1986]

Indigenous Knowledge Systems with specific reference to African; Traditional Medicine;

Human Rights and Democracy;

Topical Issues on current Contemporary African Issues

Mr. D. Tobias

MA (African History) [ MSU ,2008]

PGDE [ZOU, 2002]

BA [UZ,1998]

Land and Development;

Democracy and Human Rights

Mr. I. Makanyisa

MA (History) [ MSU ,2008]

Grad C.E [ UZ , 2002]

BA (History) [ UZ,1997]

Development induced displacements;

Disaster management;

Disability Issues

Mr. M. Phiri

MA( Developments Studies) [MSU, 2015]

BA (History & Development Studies) [MSU, 2006]

Development issues, youth and development; Unemployment; Entrepreneurship

Mr. P. Maruta

MA( Developments Studies) [MSU, 2015]

BA (History & Development Studies) [MSU, 2006]

Political affairs, democracy and human rights

Ms. G. Tevera

MA (Heritage Studies)[ UW ,2015]

BA Hons (Archaeology, Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies) [ MSU , 2011)

Marketing of Arts and Culture;

Entrepreneurship for the Heritage Industry;

Public Relations for Heritage Industry;

Public Archaeology;

Museum Communication

Mr. H. Chiwaura

MA (Heritage Studies)[ UZ, 2007]

Post Graduate Dip ( Care of Collections & Heritage Management)[ UON ,2004]

BA (Archaeology, Economic History & Shona)[ UZ ,1996]




Community Participation;

Heritage Management;

Memory and Tourism

Mr. F. Muchemwa

BA  Hons (Archaeology, Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies) [MSU, 2009]


Heritage Management

Mr. T. Mubaya

MA (Heritage Studies)[ UZ ,2005]

BA Hons( Philosophy) [ UZ ,2001]

Heritage Management;

Community Participation;

Museum Issues

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