Simon Muzenda School Of Arts, Culture And Heritage Studies

Master Of Arts in Literary Studies

Part I, Semester I

MEL701: Literary Theory (compulsory)

MEL702: Magical Realism in Literature (optional)

MEL703: Selected Topics in Global Literatures (optional)

MEL704: Literature and Diasporas (optional)


Part I, Semester II

MEL 705 Zimbabwean and Southern African Literature (compulsory)

MEL706: Life-Writing: Biography and Autobiography (optional)

MEL707: Film and Changing Modern Societies (optional)

MEL708:  Theories and Narrations of Diversity in African Literature (optional)

MEL 709 Representations of Cities and Citiness (optional)


Part II, Semester I

MEL770: Dissertation

N.B. Not all modules will be on offer in a given academic year.


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